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This plugin provides a raspbee interface for pimatic.
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This plugin provides a raspbee interface for pimatic.

!! This plugin is still in beta state !!


  • Auto-discover devices, groups and sensors
  • Support for motion sensors
  • Support for remote controls and switches
  • Support for temperature, humidity, pressure and much more sensors
  • Control lights
  • Control groups
  • Controle scenes
  • Observe changes over websocket


You need a rasbpee or conbee device and the deCONZ REST API must be installed and configured.

An other good solution is to run deconz as a docker container.

=> go to the WIKI - there are installation instructions and other useful tips.


Just activate the plugin over the pimatic webUI. The plugin manager automatically installs the package with his dependencys.


You can also load the plugin by adding following in the config.json from your pimatic server:

  "plugin": "raspbee",
  "debug": true,
  "active": true,
  "ip": "<deconz ip>",
  "port": "<deconz port>"


To create a connection to the raspbee gateway, the gateway must be unlocked. Then make a device discovery in pimatic.

Supported devices

  • RaspBeeLightDevices There are three typs of light devices:

    • Dimmer only
    • Color temperature
    • RGB
  • RaspBeeSwitch

  • RaspBeeDimmerGroup

  • RaspBeeGroupScenes The scenes are associated with the groups and are represented by a button device. After each restart of pimatic all scenes are updated.

  • RaspBeeMotionSensor

The motion sensor is like a normal presence sensor. You can configure an optional auto-reset time in milliseconds. The sensor has an optional lux attribute.

  • RaspBeeMultiSensor Devices with more than one sensor are represented as multidevices.

  • RaspBeeWaterSensor

  • RaspBeeLightSensor

  • RaspBeeContactSensor

  • RaspBeeSwitchSensor

  • RaspBeeRemoteControlNavigator

This device represents a 5 button remote control and is like a normal button device. There a predefined buttons which are useable in rules with this format: raspbee_deviceid_button possible button are: power / up / down / left / right / longpower / longright / longleft / longup / longdown


  • "activate group scene "

  • "set color temp to "

  • "set color rgb to "

Example: set color temp Light 1 to 10 and set color rgb Light 3 to #121212 and activate group scene All-ON


  • 0.0.2 : First public version
  • 0.0.3 : BUGFIX #1
  • 0.0.4 : BUGFIX
  • 0.0.5 : New features and BUGFIX
    • MultiSensor devices
    • Scenes
  • 0.0.6 : HOTFIX
  • 0.0.7 : New features and BUGFIX
    • Actionprovider for scenes and light color / rgb
    • Scenes are now a standalone device as a button device
  • 0.0.8 : New features and BUGFIX
    • WebSocket keep alive
    • support for wall plug
    • Fix for #16 & #21
    • debug output for device discovery
    • xAttributeOptions
    • pressureAttribute in hPa instead kPa
  • 0.0.9 : HOTFIX
  • 0.0.10 : add device type "Smart plug" for aqara devices fix for #19 & #22


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