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This plugin provides a raspbee interface for pimatic.


  • Auto-discover devices, groups and sensors
  • Control lights
  • Control groups
  • Control scenes
  • Support for all sensors
  • Observe changes over websocket
  • Start pairing for new devices
  • Backup the deconz config


You need a rasbpee or conbee device and the deCONZ REST API must be installed and configured.

An other good solution is to run deconz as a docker container.

=> go to the WIKI - there are installation instructions and other useful tips.


Just activate the plugin over the pimatic webUI. The plugin manager automatically installs the package with his dependencys.


You can also load the plugin by adding following in the config.json from your pimatic server:

  "plugin": "raspbee",
  "debug": true,
  "active": true,
  "ip": "<deconz ip>",
  "port": "<deconz port>"


To create a connection to the raspbee gateway, the gateway must be unlocked over the deconz UI. check the unlock howto Then make a device discovery in pimatic.

Supported devices


pimatic Device type Feature Deconz Resource Type
RaspBeeSwitch switch on/off On/Off plug-in unit & Smart plug
RaspBeeDimmer switch and dimm light Dimmable light
RaspBeeCT change temperature Color temperature light
RaspBeeRGB change color Color light
RaspBeeRGBCT change color and temperature Extended color light


There are two color devices. RaspBeeRGB (Color light) emulates the ColorTemperature via a color code. RaspBeeRGBCT (Extended color light) supports native ColorTemperature actions. All lights are detected automatically

Tradfri bulbs do not support hue/sat actions. therefore only RGB values can be set in the rules.

Deconz also does not allow you to adjust the color or brightness when the lamp is off. Use a delay in rules. First switch on the lamp and then set the values.


pimatic Device type Feature Deconz Resource Type
RaspBeeDimmerGroup (DEPRECATED) switch and dimm Group
RaspBeeRGBCTGroup (NEW) change color and temperature Group
RaspBeeGroupScenes switch scene on Group Scenes

I have created a new group device with all color controls.


All sensors are represented as a RaspBeeMultiDevice.

The device has 3 arrays.

  • associated device IDs
    This array contains all device ID associated to this object.

  • support parameter flag
    This array contains all supported ressource types.

  • configMap
    During a device discovery, the config map is filled automatically. Customizable values ​​are stored in this config map. A custom config can be written to the API via the button (send config) on the new RaspBeeSystem device.

Supported resource types:

supports parameter flag Unit Deconz Resource Type
battery % (any battery-powered sensor)
lowbattery bool (any IAS Zone sensor)
carbon bool ZHACarbonMonoxide
switch string ZHASwitch
fire bool ZHAFire
humidity % ZHAHumidity
temperature °C ZHATemperature and any sensor with temperaure support
presence bool ZHAPresence
dark bool ZHAPresence & ZHALightLevel
lux lux ZHALightLevel
daylight bool ZHALightLevel
open bool ZHAOpenClose
pressure hPA ZHAPressure
water bool ZHAWater
vibration bool ZHAVibration
tampered bool (any IAS Zone sensor)
consumption Wh ZHAConsumption
power W ZHAPower & ZHAConsumption
voltage V ZHAPower
current mA ZHAPower

The other sensor types are DEPRECATED

but still usable

  • RaspBeeMotionSensor
  • RaspBeeContactSensor
  • RaspBeeLightSensor
  • RaspBeeSwitchSensor
  • RaspBeeWaterSensor

RaspBeeSystem management device

discover lights & discover sensors

This button starts a light or sensor detection from the deconz api.

create backup

This button creates a local backup of the deconz config.
The target folder is configurable. (default folder is the pimatic-app folder)

send config

This button sends for all devices all config parameter (configMap) to the deconz apikey.


  • "activate group scene -name-"

  • "set color temp -name- to -value-"

  • "set color rgb -name- to -hexvalue-"

  • "dim raspbee -name- to -value-"

set color temp Light1 to 10 and set color rgb Light2 to #121212 and activate group scene All-ON

Optional a -transtime- can be specified. This allows the changeover to be time-controlled.

dim raspbee Flur to 100 transition time 2s and set color rgb Light RGB to #FF0000 with transition time 2s


  • "received from -name- event "2001""

Example: recieved from Switch1 event "2001"


Value Action
0 x000 Initial Press
1 x001 Hold
2 x002 Release (after press)
3 x003 Release (after hold)
4 x004 Double press
5 x005 Triple press
6 x006 Quadruple press
7 x007 Shake
8 x008 Drop
9 x009 Tilt
10 x010 Many press





This plugin provides a raspbee interface for pimatic.




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