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Connect the raspbee plugin to deconz

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Step 1: Configure the plugin

Activate the plugin and set the IP address and the port where your Deconz software can be reached. If the Deconz is on the same hardware as pimatic, you can use The default port is 80, but as described in the deconz installation guide, a custom port can also be used.

  "plugin": "raspbee",
  "debug": true,
  "active": true,
  "ip": "<deconz ip>",
  "port": "<deconz port>"

Step 2: Unlook gateway

  • Login to the WebGUI
  • Go to the gateway settings
  • Switch to advanced options
  • Press the "authenticate app" button

..Unlook gateway

Step 3: make a device discovery over the pimatic frontend

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