vCard Import and Export for The Insidious Big Brother Database (BBDB)
Emacs Lisp
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bbdb-vcard.el imports and exports vCards (version 3.0) as defined in
RFC 2425 and RFC 2426 to/from The Insidious Big Brother Database
(BBDB).  Version 2.1 vCards are converted into version 3.0 on import.

On a file, a buffer or a region containing one or more vCards, use
`bbdb-vcard-import-file', `bbdb-vcard-import-buffer', or
`bbdb-vcard-import-region' respectively to import them into BBDB.

In buffer *BBDB*, press v to export the record under point.  Press * v
to export all records in buffer into one vCard file.  Press * C-u v to
export them into one file each.

To put one or all vCard(s) into the kill ring, press V or * V

Refer to the Commentary in file bbdb-vcard.el for further information.