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Added a few words to defsetf.

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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ \section{Conditions and Errors}
\VAR{report-function} of arguments condition and stream.
- \IT{(\FU*{MAKE-CONDITION} \VAR{type} \Goos{\kwd{:}\VAR{initarg} \VAR{value}})}
+ \IT{(\FU*{MAKE-CONDITION} \VAR{type} \Goos{\kwd{:}\VAR{initarg-name} \VAR{value}})}
Return new \retval{condition of \VAR{type}}.
@@ -497,7 +497,8 @@ \subsection{Macros}
Specify how to \kwd{setf} a place accessed by
\EM{Short form:} (\kwd{setf} (\VAR{function} \OPn{\VAR{arg}}) \VAR{value-form}) is
- replaced by (\VAR{updater} \OPn{\VAR{arg}} \VAR{value-form}).
+ replaced by (\VAR{updater} \OPn{\VAR{arg}} \VAR{value-form}); the
+ latter must return \VAR{value-form}.
\EM{Long form:} on invocation of (\kwd{setf} (\VAR{function}
\OPn{\VAR{arg}}) \VAR{value-form}), \VAR{form}s must expand
into code that sets the place accessed where \VAR{setf-$\lambda$}
@@ -732,7 +733,7 @@ \subsection{Control Flow}
\IT{(\SO*{TAGBODY} \Goos{\NEV{\VAR{tag}}\XOR\VAR{form}})}
- Evaluate \VAR{form}s in al lexical environment. \VAR{tag}s (symbols or integers) have lexical
+ Evaluate \VAR{form}s in a lexical environment. \VAR{tag}s (symbols or integers) have lexical
scope and dynamic extent, and are targets for \SO{GO}. Return

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