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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ \section{Conditions and Errors}
\retval{\VAR{foo}}. In a new condition, a \VAR{slot}'s value defaults
to \VAR{form} unless set via \kwd{:}\VAR{initarg-name}; it is readable
via (\VAR{reader} \VAR{i}) or (\VAR{accessor} \VAR{i}), and
- writeable via (\VAR{writer} \VAR{value} \VAR{i}) or (\kwd{setf}
+ writable via (\VAR{writer} \VAR{value} \VAR{i}) or (\kwd{setf}
(\VAR{accessor} \VAR{i}) \VAR{value}). With
\kwd{:allocation :class}, \VAR{slot} is shared by all conditions of
type \VAR{foo}. A condition is reported by \VAR{string} or by

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