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Pedity Roadmap

Pedity platform is an unbiased content platform where you get rewarded for every post your create, comment you make, user you refer. That means you are rewarded for almost anything you do on Pedity.

During the quaterly report we decided to rewamp the platform and recode it. (

Our target for the release of new version of platform (1.0) was Q3 but it is delayed for a few weeks because of some unresolved issues. We will be sending out invitations to alpha very soon, subscribe on ( The below Roadmap contains the list of things planned for the platform for this year in brief :-

  • Pedity Platform release version 1.0 ie. Alpha Milestone (Immediate)
  • Pedity Wallet Release for Android
  • Pedity Wallet release for iOS
  • Direct conversion of PEDI rewards on the platform
  • PEDI node as a validator for contribution to stellar ecosystem
  • More Pedity trading Pair such as PEDI-BTC

Pedity Platform release version 1.0 (Alpha Milestone) contains the following features :-

  1. Create/Manage/modify userprofile and data is stored on stellar blockchain
  2. Content explorer
  3. Creation of content and storage on distributed system
  4. Automatic unlocking of reward based on stellar smart contract
  5. Mobile first Interface
  6. Overall rewards for a user
  7. Tipping users for the content
  8. Instant registration and one click creation of trustline to PEDI
  9. Manual Pinning of content
  10. Reward structure based on algorithm
  11. Sharing of content

Some features that will be added/tested till beta are :-

  1. Favorite articles
  3. Spam Prevention measures
  4. Automatic Pinning of Content
  5. Stress testing of the platform and smart contract
  6. Different type of content
  7. Open Source API for sharing platform related information
  8. Addition of Federation server to support human readable address such as Example*
  9. And a lot more

Update 17 May 2019

This Roadmap will be updated with more information depending on subsequent releases.

Old History of Roadmap can be found here

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