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Creates a mapping from each Autonomous System Number in use to the company that owns it, and outputs the collected data to a JSON file
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ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers) are one of the building blocks of the Internet. This project is to create a mapping from each ASN in use to the company that owns it. For example, ASN 36375 is used by the University of Michigan -

Starting at, the program will crawl and scrape the linked country reports to make a structure mapping each ASN to info about that ASN.

Sample structure:

    {3320: {'Country': 'DE',
        'Name': 'Deutsche Telekom AG',
        'Routes v4': 13547,
        'Routes v6': 268},
    36375: {'Country': 'US',
        'Name': 'University of Michigan',
        'Routes v4': 14,
        'Routes v6': 1}}

When done, the collected data will be outputted to a json file.

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