Script to quickly enrich an IP address
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Script to quickly enrich an IP address


IP address


IP GeoCC ShoCC rvAS ShoAS rvCIDR ShoORG DNS ShoDNS ShoPorts ShoTags ShoVulns

  • IP: IP address, taken from argv[1]
  • GeoCC: country code according to MaxMind GeoIP2 country database
  • ShoCC: country code according to Shodan
  • rvAS: ASN, per RouteViews MRT/RIB BRP database
  • ShoAS: ASN from Shodan
  • rvCIDR: CIDR range for the AS, per RouteViews
  • ShoORG: AS Organization name, per Shodan
  • DNS: Reverse DNS lookup result
  • ShoDNS: hostnames for IP, per Shodan
  • ShoPorts: Open ports for IP, from Shodan
  • ShoTags: Any associated Shodan tags
  • ShoVulns: Any known positive or negative vulnerability test results, per Shodan


  • dnspython
  • geoip2
  • pyasn
  • shodan
  • up-to-date databases for geoip2 and pyasn (see their docs)
  • API key for shodan