Lab assignment for Interactive Cartography course looking at measures of food access and poverty from the USDA's Food Environment Atlas.
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D3 Coordinated Visualization Lab Assignment for GEOG 575 Interactive Cartography and Geovisualization

This map looks at measures of food access and poverty for Oregon counties using data from the USDA's Food Environment Atlas: High rates of diabetes and obesity may indicate a community is struggling to access healthy food. Poverty, access to grocery stores, and other environmental and demographic factors that correlate with food insecurity are represented in the map.

Development Notes:

This project is a static app using D3v4 and HTML5 Boilerplate. Node (8.4.0) is used for development to run browser-sync.

  1. Install Node. I recommend using Node Version Manager so that you can hook into the .nvmrc file for automated Node version management goodness.
  2. Clone repo and install Node modules: npm install.
  3. Start browser using npm start script: npm run start-sync.