A program to pair devices to a Logitech Unifying Receiver on Linux.
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Logitech Unifier

A program to pair devices to a Logitech Unifying Receiver on Linux. Also works for Nano Receiver (Non-unifying)

Logitech only provides a Windows program to do this, so if you're running Linux, you either need to pair your devices on a windows box or use the unify.c script.

Quick How To - BETA



This script which will do a bunch of stuff automatically.

  • It will automatically compile the binary (if needed)
  • mark it executable (if needed)
  • find the Logitech device in hidraw
  • run the script with additional prompting (turn off device first)

Longer How To if Above Doesn't Work

1. Compile it

gcc -o unify unify.c

2. Find your hidraw device

To find it, run the following for every hidrawX on your system until you find HID_NAME=Logitech USB Receiver:

cat /sys/class/hidraw/hidraw0/device/uevent

If hidraw0 isn't it, try hidraw1 and so on.

3. Pair it


sudo ./unify /dev/hidrawX

Where X is the matching number from step 2.

4. Turn on your device like the tool will say.

That's it! Device should work now.


To Tycho for this article: http://tycho.ws/blog/2011/12/logitech-unifying-receiver

And Benjamin for writing the script: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!msg/linux.kernel/zYS6yddI8yU/9cMvg3k9xTYJ