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  • Fix a bug of TMultiplexingServer (epoll server).
  • Modified not to use obsolete functions of Qt.
  • Modified to use std::call_once() function.
  • Added TAbstractSqlORMapper class.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Implemented logics for X-Forwarded-For Header.
  • Implemented ActionMailer.smtp.RequireTLS parameter in application.ini.
  • Added a option for showing URL routing to treefrog command.
  • Updated I/F of ORM functions.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Fix a bug of max-age of cookie.
  • Fix a bug of generating select-tag.
  • Modified to initialize boolean fields in classes generated.
  • Implemented publish() function in TActionController class.
  • Rename functions; renderAndStoreInCache() to renderAndCache(), renderFromCache() to renderOnCache(), removeFromCache() to removeCache().


  • Implemented to add a SameSite attribute to cookie.
  • Modified to add a max-age value to cookie.
  • Fix a bug of listing available controllers.
  • Fix a bug of showing a port number by -l option.
  • Fix a bug of content type in renderText() function.


  • Implemented OAuth2 client. [Experimental]
  • Supports for MongoDB version 3.2 and later.
  • Fix a bug that timer for TSqlDatabasePool stops. #279
  • Fix a bug not to set all databases to transaction state value.
  • Fix a bug of execution of diff in tspawn command.
  • Replaced QDir::separator() by "/". #264
  • Added a value, svg:image/svg+xml.


  • Added cache modules of SQLite, MongoDB and Redis.
  • Updated LZ4 compression algorithm to 1.9.2.
  • Fix a compilation error on Ubuntu 19.10.
  • Changed the epoll module from multi-thread to single thread architecture.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Updated Mongo C driver to v1.9.5.
  • Updated LZ4 compression algorithm to v1.9.1.
  • Modified to set a domain in session cookie. #245
  • Changed the default C++ config from c++11 to c++14.
  • Erased 'DISTINCT' from SELECT statement.
  • Fix a bug of stopping tadpole.
  • Fix a bug of outputting accesslog.
  • Modified for MSVC2015.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Modified to use LZ4 compression algorithm.
  • Modified to use QLatin1String(), QStringLiteral() and QByteArrayLiteral() where possible.
  • Fix a bug of incorrect Content-Type returned for files with uppercase extension.
  • Fix a bug of parsing form-data values included backslashes.
  • Implemented a function, TMultipartFormData::uploadedFilePath().
  • Implemented a function, TSqlQuery::value(const QString &name).
  • Implemented functions storing data of hash type for Redis.
  • Brushed up THttpRequest class. #234
  • Improved functions of TSqlQuery class. #243
  • Performance improvement.


  • Added failsafe of SQL when BEGEN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK failed.
  • Modified to replace QLatin1String with QStringLiteral for view codes.
  • Model optimalizations. #231 #230
  • Minor changes of exception classes. #229
  • Added log messages for query log. #227
  • Added possibility to disable sql transactions in unit test. #226
  • Use delete[] to free aio_buf in aiocb struct. #225
  • Minor changes of testcases for Qt 5.12.
  • Fix a bug of sqlobject for session store.
  • Fix a bug of invoking StaticInitialize() function.
  • Modified not to do keep-alive when action threads equals or more than max thread value of config.


  • Support for CMake build.
  • Support SMTP connections to older servers. #207
  • Modified log messages.
  • Fix bugs of file.


  • Added the option of linking the shared mongoc library.
  • Fix a bug of line endings of HTTP headers on Windows.
  • Fix a bug of reloading app libraries.
  • Fix to return 404 when the action is not found.


  • Implemented rawBody() function in THttpRequest class.
  • Added some functions for getting query string.
  • Added sql statements to PostOpenStatements in database.ini.
  • Fix compilation error on Ubuntu 17.10 and macOS.
  • Fix compilation error on Qt 5.10.


  • Added TSqlDriverExtension class for upsert statement.
  • Added QString arguments to sort columns function.
  • Added linkTo() functions that has various arguments.
  • Added itemCountOfCurrentPage() into TPaginator class.
  • Added routes.cfg settings by which redirecting to URL path.
  • Modified to send a message of empty body when the status code is 304.
  • Fix a bug of Windows service stop-request.
  • Fix a bug of routing when any controller is not found.
  • Fix a bug that urlq() function doesn't keep arguments.
  • Fix a bug of printing help messages.
  • Fix compilation error on FreeBSD.


  • Implemented a session store for MongoDB.
  • Fix a bug of file session store.
  • Fix a bug of generator of controllers.
  • Fix a bug of parsing arguments when running as Windows service.
  • Fix leak of db connections.


  • Fix a bug of comparisn logic of If-Modified-Since header.
  • Fix a bug of URL path traversal.
  • Modified to add view files into the project when tmake was executed.
  • Added logics to invoke a controller constructor by QMetaObject::newInstance() function.
  • Added logic of routing to a static file.
  • Added a class to process in background, TBackgroundProcess.


  • Added a config for listening IP address.
  • Added a config for executing SQL statements on post-open.
  • Added a function for multi-fields 'order by', tfGetModelListByCriteria().
  • Fix a bug of selecting aarge number of rows in sqlite
  • Modified the generator to generate better code.
  • Added pages for GigHub Pages, English and Japanese.


  • Added setValidationError(2) function to TFormValidator class
  • Added debug functions like 'tDebug() << "foo" << ..'.
  • Added config-initializer functions to TWebApplication class.
  • Added C++11 for-loop for TSqlORMapper class.
  • Modified functions of TFormValidator class.
  • Modified to handle quoted multipart/form-data boundary value.
  • Fix a bug of JSON parser of THttpRequest class.
  • Fix a bug of deadlock of thread on win64.
  • Fixed risky fallback for Content-Type in POST handling.
  • Added C++11 for-loop for TSqlORMapper class.
  • Added a fixed width setting for %O parameter for access log.


  • Modified to use QThreadStorage class instead of thread_local.
  • Modified the scaffold generater to generate better codes.
  • Modified url() and urla() functions so as to generate the url, searching the routing file.
  • Added '#partial' tag in ERB.
  • Added hasEntity() function to TMultipartFormData class.
  • Fix a bug of renderPartial() funcion on Windows.
  • Fix a bug of treefrog termination.
  • Fix a bug of session sqlobject store in PostgreSQL.
  • Fix crash on missing treefrog -k signal argument.
  • Deleted obsolete functions.
  • Performance improvement.


  • Implements hazard pointer, lock-free algorithm.
  • Fix a compilation error in MSVC2015.
  • Added TAtomic class, TAtomicPtr class.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Required C++11 compiler.


  • Added helper generator to tspawn command.
  • Added inlineImageTag() function.
  • Added functions to Redis driver class.
  • Added modules for server-side JavaScript processing. [Experimental]
  • Fix a bug of mongo driver.


  • Updated the mongo C driver to version 1.3.3.
  • Added a optionTags() function.
  • Added variableNameToFieldName() function.
  • Added method chaining to TMongoODMapper class and TSqlORMapper class.
  • Added setSortOrder(const QString &column).
  • Modified the strong trim mode, '2', to delete white spaces and trim views strongly.
  • Modified the trim mode for ERB parser, use '.trim_mode' file in subdirectories for view.
  • Modified the tmake command to use QLatin1Sring() in preference to tr().
  • Fix a bug of tmake command when c++ code is empty in ERB.
  • Fix a bug of setting cookie for session.


  • Implemented a class which represents SQL join clause for the O/R mapper.
  • Implemented LD_PRELOAD mechanism to the treefrog command, Linux only.
  • Added RDB client dlls for 64bit Windows.
  • Fix a bug of TMongoODMapper class.
  • Fix a bug of SQL for SELECT-COUNT query.
  • Fix a bug of getting running application's file path for root user.
  • Support for OS X El capitan.


  • Implemented Redis driver.
  • Implemented auto reloading system for application.
  • Fix a bug of receiveing way of TEpollSocket.
  • Fix a bug of timing of calling deleteLater().
  • Fix a bug of segmentation fault on OS X.


  • Added 'status' subcommand for treefrog.
  • Added imageLinkTo() method to TViewHelper class.
  • Implemented HTTP send function from WebSocket module.
  • Fix a bug of outputing a newline code by tmake command.
  • Fix compilation error on Qt5.5
  • Enhanced C++11 support.


  • Implemented keep-alive modules for WebSocket.
  • Implemented publish/subscribe functions for WebSocket.
  • Changed API of endpoint class.
  • Changed default random generator to std::mt19937.
  • Changed system bus module so as to use local socket class.
  • Added TSql::IsEmpty operator for TCriteria class.
  • Added NOT operator for TCriteria class.
  • Fix a bug of parsing WebSocket frame.
  • Fix a bug of sending logic for epoll.
  • Fix a bug of segmentation error.
  • Fix a bug of throwing runtime exception of treefrog.
  • Fix a buf of windows installer.
  • Performance improvement of multiplexing server.


  • Support WebSocket protocol.
  • C++11 support enabled as default.
  • Performance improvement in hybrid MPM.
  • Fix a bug of 'abort' subcommand of treefrog on Windows.
  • Fix a bug of routing URL.
  • Modified to use std::atomic instead of QAtomic.
  • Modified to catch SIGINT in case of debug mode.
  • Modified so as not to use Tf::currentDateTimeSec() function.
  • Modified to collect settings infomation to TAppSettings class.
  • Added hint macros, QLIKELY/QUNLIKELY.
  • Unsupported prefork MPM.
  • Deleted obsolete functions.


  • Support for Raspberry Pi, ARM architecture.
  • Fix a bug of settings of default project file on Qt4.


  • Added a debug mode option for tadpole command.
  • Fix a bug of TSqlObject for PostgresSQL.
  • Fix a bug that QPSQLResult doesn't call QSqlField::setAutoValue().
  • Changed for work of tfmanager in Windows service mode.
  • Changed a default project file,
  • Changed a signal-handler message.
  • Changed the default project file to build views.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013. [Experimental]


  • Routing enhancements, added ':param' parameter for routes.cfg.
  • Added a directive, EnableHttpMethodOverride, of application.ini.
  • Added code of checking parameters to addRouteFromString().
  • Added a test case, 'urlrouter'.
  • Added checkBoxTag() function.
  • Fix a bug of 'abort' option.


  • Modified to specify the max connections of database pool.
  • Changed identityKeyOfLoginUser() to public function.
  • Added ApplicationController::staticRelease() function.
  • Added StandardException class.
  • Implemented TStaticReleaseThread class.
  • Implemented command-line interface.
  • Added setAllowUnauthenticatedUser(1) and setDenyUnauthenticatedUser(1) functions into TAccessValidator class.
  • Added the permissions parameter to renameUploadedFile().
  • Modified save() function to call create() instead of mdata()->create().
  • Fix a bug of files not generated with tspawn.
  • Fix a bug of ERB generation for mailer directory.
  • Implemented Sendmail client. [Experimental]


  • Performance improvement of multiplexing server.
  • Modified to start multiple application servers under 'thread' MPM.
  • Added checkBoxTag(4) and radioButtonTag(4) functions into TViewHelper class.
  • Added selectTag() and optionTags() functions into TViewHelper class.
  • Fix a bug of inserting a record that has a primary key.
  • Fix bugs of 'restart' option of treefrog command.
  • Changed parameter names in ini file.
  • Modified to flush access logging.
  • Modified to update updated_at field of SQL object with the current date/time in updateAll() function.
  • Added new classes, TScheduler and TApplicationScheduler. [Experimental]
  • Added max number of buffering data under async I/O.
  • Modified to use async I/O file writer for logging.
  • Fix a bug of TID printing.
  • Fix a bug of specifing month string of the Date header.
  • Fix a bug of 'abort' option of treefrog command.
  • Fix build error of ORM class.
  • Fix a bug of commiting a transacton under HTTP-pipeline.
  • Fix a bug of access validation of non-login user.
  • Fix a bug of generating source codes of MongoDB.


  • Fix a bug of connection error under high load.


  • Implemented asynchronous log outputting.
  • Support HTTP-pipeline mechanism (HTTP 1.1).
  • Updated a parser of HTTP header.
  • Modified output logics of query log.
  • Added HMAC_SHA256, HMAC_SHA384 and HMAC_SHA512 algorithm.
  • Fix a bug of specifing thread ID on logging.
  • Modified to use accept4() in multiplexing app server.
  • Implemented getUTCTimeString() and Tf::currentDateTimeSec() functions.


  • Fix a bug of plugin loading in Qt5.
  • Fix a bug of specifying Mongo operators.
  • Fix a bug of access validation.
  • Fix a bug of request receiving of multipart/form-data.
  • Fix a bug of configure execution in a spaced path.
  • Modified program logic for scaffolding.
  • Added implement receiving JSON data of post method.
  • Updated to MongoDB C Driver v0.8.1.


  • Fix a bug of linkToIf() and linkToUnless().
  • Fix a bug of user-model generation.
  • Added findCount() into classes generated by tspawn command.
  • Added urlq() function into TActionHelper class.
  • Update the default encoding of JSON response in HTTP, 'charset=utf-8'.
  • Imports new files, tjsonutil.cpp and tjsonutil.h and add utility functions for JSON.
  • Deleted TF_BUILD_MONGODB macros
  • Added '--show-collections' option to tspawn command for MongoDB.
  • Updated oidInc() function in tbson.cpp
  • Updated the configure script.


  • Added a multiplexing socket receiver using epoll system call (Linux only)
  • Update Mongo C driver to v0.8.
  • Modified to use atomic functions instead of mutex locking.
  • Improving Performance of multiplexing receiver.
  • Added 'hybrid' as multi-processing module (MPM)
  • Added the THttpSendBuffer class for send buffering.
  • Fix compile error in Qt v5.1.
  • Added a atomic queue module, TAtomicQueue class.
  • Added a object-document mapper module for MongoDB, MongoODMapper class.
  • Supported MongoDB object as model objects.
  • Added a criteria converter for MongoDB, TCriteriaMongoConverter class.
  • Added new functions to TMongoQuery class.
  • Changed a patameter type of updateAll() to QMap<int,QVariant> class.
  • Fix a bug of execution of SQL query in a constuctor.
  • Added the option of Mongo object creation to 'tspawn' generator.


  • Fix a bug of generating user models.
  • Fix a bug of case-sensitivity of field names in DB tables.
  • Fix compile error when the 'gui_mod' flag is on.
  • Fix a bug of the 'TSql::In' statement used.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Added a class for KVS exception, KvsException.
  • Added a function for 'POP brefore SMTP' auth.
  • Added methods for TSqlORMapper, findFirstBy(), findCount(), findBy() and findIn().
  • Mac: Fix a bug of including path of appbase.pri.
  • MongoDB: Added functions for MongoDB access, findById(), removeById() and updateById().
  • MongoDB: Fix a bug of updateMulti() method in TMongoQuery class.
  • MongoDB: Added numDocsAffected() function into the TMongoQuery class.
  • MongoDB: Modified to generate a ObjectId on client.


  • Performance improvement.
  • JSON supported for AJAX, added sendJson() method into TActionController.
  • XML supported for AJAX, added new method, renderXml().
  • Changed the common data format from QVariantHash to QVariantMap for JSON conversion.
  • Bugfix of creating the 'ORDER BY' clause.
  • Updated the configure script.
  • Fixed compile error on Qt-4.6
  • MongoDB supported for easy access. [Experimental]


  • Qt version 5 supported.
  • Added a version string of Windows8.
  • Added a local socket mechanism for killing tfmanager.
  • Implemented '-l' option for treefrog command.
  • Fix error in writing.


  • TreeFrog app-server for Windows service supported.
  • Modified the logic of parsing HTML text.
  • Added parentExists() function of tmake command.
  • Modified parseWord() function.
  • Modified help message of tfmanager command.
  • Modified it not to use gettimeofday() function.
  • Changed a class name, TAccessAuthenticator -> TAccessValidator.
  • Added the method TActionController::availableControllers().
  • Implements access auth of users into TActionController.
  • Added removeRawHeader() into TInternetMessageHeader class.


  • Bugfix of parsing a boundary of HTTP request.
  • Implemented releaseDatabases() function.
  • Implemented tehex2() macro.
  • Implemented htmlEscape(int n, Tf::EscapeFlag f) function.
  • Implemented '%|%' tag for echo a default value on ERB system
  • Implemented setContentType() function into TActionController class.
  • Added a escape-flag parameter to the htmlEscape() function.
  • Bugfix of calling staticInitialize().
  • Multi-database access supported.
  • Modified the URL validation to be strict.
  • Added various setRule() functions.
  • Implemented a query parameter of src of image-tag.
  • Modified ApplicationController template class.
  • Added TStaticInitializer class for prefork module.
  • Implemented logic of calling staticInitialize() of ApplicationController.
  • Added typeName() function to TDispatcher.
  • Added a restart command into tfmanager.
  • Added resetSignalNumber() function into TWebApplication.
  • Added a logics of checking idle time of socket recieving.
  • Modifiied that tfmanager opens a socket in case of Prefork only.
  • Added a OpenFlag parameter to nativeListen() function.
  • Modified the way of call nativeListen() function.
  • Move nativeListen() function into TApplicationServer class, and added --ctrlc-enable option to tadpole command.
  • Changed enum valus, UserDefined -> Pattern, and etc.
  • Renamed class name, THashValidator -> TFormValidator.
  • Added to output SQL query log.
  • Modified a function name to be called.
  • Update a parameter, QHash<QString,QString> -> QVariantHash.
  • Added setValidationError() function for custom validation.
  • Writes stderr output of tfserver to a debug file.
  • Modified parameters of imageLinkTo() function.
  • Imports new setting file, development.ini.
  • Modified thattmake and tspawn commands refer to the 'TemplateSystem' setting of the development.ini file.
  • Added a defaultValue parameter to queryItemValue() and formItemValue() method each.
  • Added a parameter of a query string to the url() fucntion.
  • Added renderErrorResponse() method into the TActionController class.
  • Modified access log output.
  • Implemented UNIX domain socket.
  • Modified to check the socket's timeout.
  • The default prefix of Otama marking was changed, '#' -> '@'.
  • Added to set a default value into TAccessAuthenticator::clear() function.
  • Added a method, redirectToPage().
  • Added to install defaults/403.html.
  • Added new class, TAccessAuthenticator.
  • Added a method, currentController(), to TActionContext class.
  • Modified to update only DB-fields whose values were changed.
  • Fix a bug of generating a user-model.
  • Added logic of initializing member variables of model class to the model-generater.
  • Added to create a Makefile by qmake command.
  • Added validate function.
  • Fix a bug of TSqlORMapperIterator and TSqlQueryORMapperIterator.
  • Added new files, tsqlqueryormapperiterator.h and TSqlQueryORMapperIterator.
  • Modified the posision of 'new entry' on entry.erb and entry.html.
  • Modified generator logics; controller, model and view.
  • Added url and urla() functons with a QVariant parameter.
  • Added an auto-update logic of 'modified_at'.
  • Changed a form type, QHash<QString,QString> -> QVariantHash.
  • Added typedef QHash<QString, QString>.
  • Modified the creating logic of URL of urala() function.
  • Modified the method name, setActionView() -> setSubActionView().
  • Modified static files for error, 500.html, 404.html and 413.html
  • Fix a bug of order of 'ORDER BY' phrase.
  • Modified -d option's message.
  • Modified a method name, allExportVariants -> allVariants.