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floppy emulation, control API for YASNAC motoman
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YASNAC ERC Interface Tools

This repository is a collection of libraries and programs for working with the very old YASNAC ERC-series industrial robots. The project is currently divided into "disk" and "remote" components.

  • The disk code emulates an ERC-series disk drive and allows files to be loaded and stored to a PC instead of an ancient single density floppy disk.

  • The remote code is for interfacing with the ERC-series robot directly as a connected PC. In addition to job transfer, this enables remote operation of utility functions and state queries. A number of helper programs are included. The bulk of the code is in the library.


A program for directly commanding the ERC manipulator over the serial link. Utilized the un-/under- documented ERC MOVL system control command. Has the optional ability to power the servos up before the motion and then optionally power them down after. The program will block until the motion is complete.


usage: motomove [-h] [--speed [SPEED]] [--power {on,off,onoff}] [-d] position

Connect to an ERC-series robot and move the manipulator

positional arguments:
  position              The position to move the robot into. Must be in
                        rectangular coordinates and comma separated:
                        x,y,z,tx,ty,tz. tx,ty,tz are tool list angles in
                        degrees. If you don't want to specify a particular
                        value, leave it empty. You can specify deltas, such as
                        +=10.1,-=5,/=3,*=2 for movement relative to the robot's
                        current position. NOTE: The resulting values won't be

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --speed [SPEED]       The speed at which the robot is to perform the motion,
                        in mm/s. Allowable values are from 0.1 to 1200.00. The
                        default is a glacial and safeish 10.0. BE SAFE.
  --power {on,off,onoff}
                        Controls servo power; a value of "on" will activate
                        servo power in order to perform the motion, a value of
                        "off" will turn the servo power off after performing
                        the motion, a value of "onoff" will both activate the
                        servo power before the motion and deactivate the servo
                        power after the motion is complete. The default is not
                        to make any change to the state of servo power.
  -d, --debug           Enable transaction debugging output

If you see a "too few arguments" error, try adding "--" before your position
argument. For example: motomove -- "coordinates"


motomove -- "+=10,+=20,+=30"
motomove --speed=600 -- "-195.725,222.899,1671.442,14.65,-27.77,148.86"
motomove --power onoff -- "*=2,*=1.5,/=2"


A program for sending, receiving, deleting, and listing files on an ERC-series robot. There are options that enable both local and remote overwriting of files (which are disabled by default); also options for changing the format of file list output.


usage: motofile [-h] [--overwrite] [-s [SEPARATOR]] [-d]
                {list,get,put,delete} [filename]

Get or put files on a YASNAC ERC series robot

positional arguments:
                        Specifies the file operation to be performed: "list"
                        prints a list of files on the robot, "get" or "put"
                        transfer the named file, "delete" removes the named
                        file from the robot
  filename              The name of the file to get, put, or delete

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --overwrite           Allow new files to overwrite existing files with the
                        same name
  -s [SEPARATOR], --separator [SEPARATOR]
                        When listing files, print them separated by the given
                        argument, or null if you specify 0. The default
                        separator is newline.
  -d, --debug           Enable transaction debugging output


List files on the robot:

motofile list

Get or put a file on the robot:

motofile get DEMO.JBI
motofile get DEMO.JBR
motofile --overwrite put DEMO.JBI

Delete a file from the robot:

motofile delete DEMO


A program for issuing system control commands to an ERC-series robot. For example: motocommand "SVON 1" can be used to power up the robot's servo motors.


usage: motocommand [-h] [-d] command [command ...]

Connects to a YASNAC ERC and sends system control command(s)
Make sure you quote each command, for example: 

motocommand "SVON 1" "START TESTJOB"

Available System Control Functions:
CANCEL - Cancels the error status
CYCLE n - Selects a motion cycle mode, n is between 1 and 3
DELETE j - Deletes the specified job, j is a job name or * 
HLOCK n - Turns operator's panel interlock on/off, n is 1 or 0
HOLD n - Puts a hold on the robot manipulator, n is 1 or 0
JSEQ s,n - Set job and line number; s is job name, n is line no.
JWAIT n - Wait n seconds, return status, n is between -1 and 32767
MDSP s - Displays a message on the console, s is up to 28 chars.
RESET - Resets robot alarms
SETMJ j - Makes the specified job the master job, j is a job name
START j - Starts robot operation. j is a an OPTIONAL job name
SVON n - Turns servo power on/off. n is 1 or 0

Available Status Read Functions:
RALARM - Lists error and alarm codes
RJDIR j - Lists all jobs or subjobs of j, j is * or a job name
RJSEQ - Lists the current job name, line number and step number
RPOS - Lists the current robot position in rectangular coordinates
RPOSJ - Lists the current robot position in joint coordinates
RSTATS - Lists the status of several robot conditions

positional arguments:
  command      A command to send to the ERC controller

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug  Enable transaction debugging output


floppy disk drive emulation for YASNAC ERC motoman controller also a serial man-in-the-middle program used for watching disk operations

src/ pretends to be a floppy disk drive, which the YASNAC ERC can read from and save files to.

presently, is hard-coded to present a single filename to the YASNAC available to load. saving from the yasnac with any filename is fine.


data have been saved from the YASNAC to various .DAT files which are in the dat/ subdirectory


robot jobs have been saved from the YASNAC to various .JBI files which are in the jobs/ subdirectory

A server that provides a serial emulation of the YASNAC FC1 floppy disk drive.


usage: [-h] [-d] [-o] [file [file ...]]

MotoDisk: a software emulator for the YASNAC FC1 floppy disk drive

positional arguments:
  file             optional: if you want only certain file(s) to be available
                   to the robot, list those files on the command line. For
                   example this allows you to send just a single file instead
                   of all job (.JBI) files in the current working directory

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug      enable debugging output
  -o, --overwrite  enable existing files to be overwritten by the program


  • add some tests
  • disk: create a new exception specifically for the cancel message. IOError is the wrong answer for such a large diverse block
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