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@treendy treendy released this Jan 22, 2019

Version 2.0.31

  • Can now select custom start locations, mission settings, and define friendly loadouts and enemy factions from a script file (export to pbo, then play your own predefined mission) (Tutorial: Link here soon)


  • show loading status of mission at start
  • Bomb mission adjusted (count down timer as soon as wire cut, and display should be ok now)
  • Suicide bombers will run to a player now (instead of the trap/decoy etc..)
  • Single player switching unit, will now keep you as teamleader (so ai team leader doestn start changing orders)


  • missing Malden and Altis buildings added to list of buildings tasks can spawn within
  • IED task didnt complete on server
  • bomb task didnt remove red circle stopping extraction being called to AO
  • If Ace active and player bleeds out, the death will now score against reputation
  • If Ace active and player caused civ to bleed out and die, this will also now score against your reputation
  • Bad Vehicle Type error fixed
  • Fixed Zeus issue (TRGM deletes units and objects at 0,0,0 however, this causes issues with some other mods)
  • IEDs wasnt being marked as "Defused" and would still blowup if drive by and been defused

Version 2.0.30

  • New Event: AT mine areas placed in open fields(with chance of ambush and/or chance of stranded friendly vehicle in field to rescue for rep), can gain location of AT areas via intel

  • New Event: roadside IEDs (cars or rubble, defuse for rep, chance of ambush, chance of traps off road around IED. Will detonate if drive by and require engineer to defuse, otherwise risk it going off!)

  • New Mission: defuse 3 IEDs (one is in built up area)

  • New Mission, defuse bomb (thanks to Igneous01 and cobra4v320 for update version:

  • fixed: MP wasnt letting you get quads from AO Camp

  • fixed: sometimes AO camp would start in warzone area!

  • fixed: sometimes ambushes will happen near AO Camp

  • adjusted warzone script (explosions going off that can kill if in zone, made sure wasnt too close to AO)

  • when new task created, main building damage is reset (just in case building had collapsed in previous mision and have to locate a laptop!)

  • map boundary added to make sure camp and checkpoints dont get created outside the map area (another step closer to Unsung!)

  • Kilo 2 team will now also start at the AO camp (along with kilo 1 and recon team)

  • mode now defaults to single AO with two objective

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@treendy treendy released this Sep 8, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

=Version 2.0.29=

  • Warzone event added (ambient effect)
  • 2 new game modes "Two objectives at one AO, heavy and light"
  • Fixed: meeting mission would not fail when HVT escapes
  • Fixed: issue where turning in a mission would get the campaign stuck and cant move on following days
  • Adjusted: further Chinese translations added (Thanks GodOfMonkeys)
  • Adjusted: Can now use revive feature if you have removed Ace medical pbo files (thanks Vormulac)
  • Adjusted: main task will never be friendly rebels (only side tasks or campaign missions)
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@treendy treendy released this Jul 28, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release


  • fixed: Transport option would vanish if you had revive option enabled and try to switch units

=Version 2.0.27=

  • added: all HVT and POW missions will show name of person

  • added: you can now enable group management via advanced settings

  • New mission: Wait for a meeting to take place and assasinate the HVT

  • fixed : issue with medical event not increasing rep when first aid kits or blood bags supplied to ambulance

  • fixed : hint for completing medical request event now shows on MP

  • fixed : (MP) Some tasks was not allowing transport chopper to have LZ inside red zone when mission completed

  • fixed : Issue with enemy patrol having thousands of waypoints (now only have 10 waypoints)

  • fixed : Space added for message "Please wait, USERNAME is choosing ...."

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@treendy treendy released this Jul 28, 2018 · 28 commits to master since this release

ignore this version... didnt push the changes... see next release

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@treendy treendy released this Jun 27, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release

Version 2.0.26

  • Added: Korean translation added (Thank you MINPD)
  • Fixed: if pick any mission type, then change mode to campaign, it seems to only do that mission type for all campaign days

Version 2.0.25

  • fixed hint wording when destroy AAA or artillery side objectives
  • fixed issues with enemy faction : RHS - ChDKZ Insurgents (had CUP units used for some assets, incorrect vehicle for AAA and Arti)
  • fixed bug when starting single mission ("undefined variable in expression: imissionparamobjective2")
  • fixed bug that would not show transport option when switch unit and CBA not loaded

Version 2.0.24

  • Tweaks to AI transport script (including moving it to Ace interactive menu if Ace is active)
  • 3CB MTP friendly loadout option added (AA specialist is M6 mortar unit if using 3CB)
  • Autorifleman and AA units added to playable units
  • Can now choose mission type for other two side missions (if available)


  • Fixed virtual arsenal bug causing game to crash


  • Localisation (Chinese added)

  • Localisation (Spanish added)

  • Can now turn in a campaign day at either base or AO notice board (will lose 0.2 rep though)

  • New friendly faction/loadouts : RHS Chernarus Ground Forces

  • New enemy faction : RHS - ChDKZ Insurgents

  • Adjusted: Only command/teamleaders can end mission, request next day or turn in mission

  • Adjusted: shooting officer (when "interrogate officer" mission) will cause him to drop his weapon and will no longer fire back when rolling around in pain!

  • Adjusted: Enemy Scout chopper/drone should now fly slow while searching for players

  • Adjusted: maximum of 10 civs per AO limit

  • Adjusted: waypoints for civs cut down (was getting hundreds of waypoints generating)

  • Adjusted: because packed building is fixed, have increased chance of buildings being occupied

  • Adjusted: increased chance of civs

  • Adjusted: 50/50 chance if you will be notified of incoming sandstorm

  • Adjusted: Once POW or reporter joined group, you still have option to carry now.

  • Adjusted: when reporter/pow RTB, he will now leave group and be deleted

  • Adjusted: Enemy AI response time and spot distance reduced further during sand storm!(edited)

  • Fixed: will not flood a small building up with loads of enemy (also, not add unit inside another unit on same spot!)

  • Fixed: adjusted script so friendly vehicles wont blow up when starting on a ship (in prep of a future release)

  • Fixed: mission over animation would sometimes show at start of mission

  • Fixed: Civs are actually mixed now (wasnt fully fixed in last update!)

  • Fixed: Support requests where not always working on dedicated (may have fixed single player issue too, I havent been able to replicate since this fix)

  • Fixed: sometimes ammo was mixed with vanilla and mod or missing ammo (like launcher ammo for example)

  • Fixed: Virtual arsenal would only show for host or nobody if on dedicated at the ammo box near AO

  • Fixed: if carry pow/reporter, It wasn't allowing transport chopper to fly into AO to extract

  • Fixed: after you interrogate office, It wasn't allowing transport chopper to fly into AO to extract

  • Fixed: When pow/reporter joins group, It wasnt allowing transport chopper to fly into AO to extract

  • Fixed: Enemy scout chopper/drone should not just vanish!

  • Fixed: If intel required, was sometimes not giving a mission that had intel

  • Fixed: failing the main objective then ending mission, would show as success!

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@treendy treendy released this Apr 12, 2018 · 59 commits to master since this release

Version 2.0.21

New Features:

  • New objective POW and reporter rescue (pow can be shot by enemy when rescued, reporter will not be shot at by enemy
  • Events added: These events are optional, and you may not even encounter them. Helping out at an event will increase your rep (making it easier to maintain your rep, or if campaign mode, then will help you move up the ranks!)
    • Event: Medical Assistance (talk to the paramedics to assist and increase rep)
    • Event: Pilot or Press Rescue (get him back to base to increase rep)
    • Event: Civilian brakdown assist (could be a trap/ambush!)
    • Event: Ambushed Convoy, needs wounded extracted (enemy may be hidden ready to ambush)
  • New mode, "Main, with two unmarked optional sides"
  • New mode "Three hidden missions"

Possible Event Outcomes

  • VBIED (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device)
  • Enemy Ambush
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Simply Nothing!(edited)
    Other Tweaks
  • can now get intel from comms tower
  • civs are no longer all the same
  • UAV option will now constantly show once you get to the main marker building of a main AO, also, will fail task if target dead or escaped
  • maintain rep task harder to fulfil now, however, you can assist in side or events to increase rep to help maintain this task
  • Added playable civilian cameramen (invisible civs that can move fast and teleport, kind of like a spectator, but with TFAR or other radio mod, you can hear comms!)
  • rhs F22 CHANGE A10 (CAS)
  • smoke rounds added for all factions (in ammo crate)
  • Tank DLC sound tracks added to intro music

Bug Fixes
Fixed: Campaign didn’t have option to end and debrief (future version will have some closing credits and report data)
Fixed: Issue that would not always allow to call transport chopper inside an AO after task completed
Fixed: Bug when trying to set sandstorm to endless
Fixed: Warning message for friendly and enemy faction changes were around the wrong way
Fixed - Saving campaign on server wasn’t working correctly
Fixed - rep increase reason didn’t show when killed weapon dealer

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@treendy treendy released this Jan 7, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

released after heavy testing on steam here:

Assets 3
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