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Treenga — Simple and fast issue tracking system

Treenga is simple. Team functions as the main umbrella under which all issues sit. It shares everything with all its members. Issues are grouped with hierarchical tags which allow you to create a structure that perfectly replicates your thinking on a project.

Treenga promotes working on a single task at a time and allows you to share detailed information with your teams — write the full story of what you need and get the job done.

Treenga is versatile. You may use only a couple of tags for one project, and a sophisticated structure with many tags for another. Everything is easily filterable, so you will always be on track.

Main app view: Main view

Treenga is made by using Laravel and Vue.js. Installation instructions will be prepared soon, but if you have Laravel experience, it should not be a problem to install it.

After installation go to [your_server_url]/admin, login using admin/admin name/password and change password. Then you can add users.