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A list of awesome Android Open-Source libraries. They must be helpful.
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If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

     |          |---TextView
     |          |---EditText
     |          |---Button
     |          |---ImageView
     |          |---ProgressBar
     |          |---ActionBar
     |          |---ListView
     |          |---GridView
     |          |---ScrollView
     |          |---ViewPaper
     |          |---Sliding Views
    Material Design




Title Description ScreenShot
AwesomeText A tool that facilitates working with Spans on TextViews or any extension of them (EditTexts, Buttons...) img
TimelyTextView Animated TextView like Timely app. img
SecretTextView A TextView that simulates the effect from the app Secret where the characters fade in/out at different speeds. img
Titanic Android experiment showing a sinking TextView. img
BabushkaText A simpler way to style your TextViews. img
ExpandableTextView Android's TextView that can expand/collapse like the Google Play's app description. img
AutoFitTextView A TextView that automatically fit its font and line count based on its available size and content. img
MagicViews Set custom font in Android application. img
Shimmer-android An Android TextView with a shimmering effect. img
JumpingBeans A Span-based library to make your text jump like Mexican beans. Oh, and the "..."s in Hangouts. img


Title Description ScreenShot
floatlabelededittext Floating hint from edit text. img
android-edittext-validator Android form edit text is an extension of EditText that brings data validation facilities to the edittext. img


Title Description ScreenShot
android-process-button Android Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters. img
android-flat-button FButton - a flat button library for Android. img
android-circlebutton Circle button widget for Android. img
Android-Bootstrap Bootstrap style buttons with Font Awesome. img
circular-progress-button Android Circular Progress Button. img
SwitchButton A cute widget of Switch Button for you to create beautiful and friendly UI. img


Title Description ScreenShot
ColorArt ColorArt is a library that uses an image to create a themed image/text display. img
TextDrawable It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator. img
SelectableRounded Android ImageView that supports different radii on each corner. img
CircleImageView A circular ImageView for Android. img
CustomShapeImage Custom shape ImageView using PorterDuffXfermode with paint shapes and SVGs. img
PhotoView Implementation of ImageView for Android that supports zooming, by various touch gestures. None
android-gif-drawable Views and Drawable for displaying animated GIFs on Android. None


Title Description ScreenShot
SmoothProgressBar A small Android library allowing you to have a smooth and customizable horizontal indeterminate ProgressBar. img
dashed-circular-progress A Circular progress animated where you can put any view inside. img
WaveView A wave view of android,can be used as progress bar. img
CircleProgress CircleProgress, DonutProgress, ArcProgress. img
RoundCornerProgressBar Round Corner Progress Bar Library for Android. img
NumberProgressBar A beautiful, slim Android ProgressBar. img


Title Description ScreenShot
NotBoringActionBar News Stand app makes the ActionBar not boring. img
FadingActionBar Android library implementing a fading effect for the action bar, similar to the one found in the Play Music app. img


Title Description ScreenShot
ListViewAnimations An Android library which allows developers to easily add animations to ListView items. img
android-swipelistview An Android List View implementation with support for drawable cells and many other swipe related features. img
JazzyListView JazzyListView is an extension of ListView designed to animate list item views as they become visible. None
MultiChoiceAdapter A ListView adapter with support for multiple choice modal selection. img
PagedHeadListView Android boosted ListView supporting paginated header with a new material page indicator. img
HorizontalVariableListView Horizontal list view for Android which allows variable items widths. None
SuperListview Way more than just a listview. None
StickyListHeaders An android library for section headers that stick to the top. img
pinned-section-listview Easy to use ListView with pinned sections for Android. img
AStickyHeader AStickyHeader is a simple library for adding Sticky Headers to ListView or GridView. Usage is very simple, it supports all kinds of Adapters. None
PullZoomView An Android custom ListView and ScrollView with pull to zoom-in. img


Title Description ScreenShot
AsymmetricGridView Android ListView that mimics a GridView with asymmetric items. Supports items with row span and column span. img
FreeFlow A layout engine that decouples layouts from the View containers that manage scrolling and view recycling. It makes it really easy to create custom layouts and beautiful transition animations as data and layouts change. img
AndroidStaggeredGrid An Android staggered grid view which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes. img
two-way-gridview An Android GridView that can be configured to scroll horizontally or vertically. None
DynamicGrid Drag and drop GridView for Android. img
GridViewWithHeaderAndFooter GridView with Header and Footer. img
PagingGridView A Paging GridView with the same behavior as PagingListView. None


Title Description ScreenShot
discrollview Scroll + discover = DiscrollView. img
BooheeScrollView interesting scrollview. img


Title Description ScreenShot
MultiViewPager The MultiViewPager allows the pages to be wider or narrower than the ViewPager itself. It takes care of aligning the pages next to each other, and always keeping the selected page centered. img
freepager ViewPagers library for Android. img
parallaxviewpager An easy-to-use ViewPager subclass with parallax background effect for Android apps. None
ParallaxPagerTransformer A pager for Android with parallax effect. None
CircularBarPager An android view pager wrapped inside of a circular progress bar. img
CircleIndicator A lightweight viewpager indicator like in nexus 5 launcher. img
TabBarView An Android Library to help you create actionbar tabs like "Capitaine train" app by Cyril Mottier. img
ParallaxHeaderViewPager NewsStand Application for Android's view of play, such as a pager function that implements the code. img
ParallaxPager Add some depth to your Android scrolling. img
JazzyViewPager An easy to use ViewPager that adds an awesome set of custom swiping animations. Just change your ViewPagers to JazzyViewPagers, two more steps, and you're good to go! None
auto-scroll-view-pager Android auto scroll viewpager or viewpager in viewpager. img
PagerSlidingTabStrip An interactive indicator to navigate between the different pages of a ViewPager. img
WizardPager Wizard Pager is a library that provides an example implementation of a Wizard UI on Android, it's based of Roman Nurik's wizard pager. img
ViewPagerTransforms Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling for Android v13+. img

Sliding Views

Title Description ScreenShot
sliding-pane-layout SlidingPaneLayout that is partially visible, with cross fade. img
AndroidImageSlider An amazing and convenient Android image slider. img
AndroidSlidingUpPanel This library provides a simple way to add a draggable sliding up panel (popularized by Google Music and Google Maps) to your Android application. Brought to you by Umano. img
BottomSheet One way to present a set of actions to a user is with bottom sheets, a sheet of paper that slides up from the bottom edge of the screen. Bottom sheets offer flexibility in the display of clear and simple actions that do not need explanation. img
android-sliding-layer-lib This repository host a library that provides an easy way to include an autonomous layer/view that slides from any side of your screen and which is fully gesture ready. None


Title Description ScreenShot
NiftyDialogEffects Nifty Modal Dialog Effects. img
sweet-alert-dialog SweetAlert for Android, a beautiful and clever alert dialog. img
UpdateChecker Increase your app's updates. img


Title Description ScreenShot
NiftyNotification effects for android notifications. img
SuperToasts A library that extends the Android toast framework. img
Crouton Context sensitive notifications for Android. img


Title Description ScreenShot
AndroidViewAnimations Cute view animation collection. img
AnimationEasingFunctions Android Animation Easing Functions. Let's make animation more real! img
FragmentTransactionExtended FragmentTransactionExtended is a library which provide us a set of custom animations between fragments. img
AndroidIndicators A simple library to add some effect to screen title. img
recyclerview-animators An Android Animation library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items. img
RecyclerViewItemAnimators An Android library which provides simple Item animations to RecyclerView items. img
transitions-everywhere Backport of Transitions API for animations from Android KitKat and Lollipop. Compatible with Android 2.2+. img
SpringIndicator A spring indicator like Morning Routine guide. img
EasyAndroidAnimations It is an animation library that aims to make android animations easier, with 50+ builtin animations, it allows you to introduce many complex animation effects with one or two lines of code. img
motion An Android library allowing images to exhibit a parallax effect that reacts to the device's tilt. img
rebound A Java library that models spring dynamics and adds real world physics to your app. None


Title Description ScreenShot
EazeGraph An Android chart and graph library. img
WilliamChart Android library to create charts. img
MPAndroidChart A powerful Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- and candlestick charts as well as scaling, dragging and animations. img


Material Design

Title Description ScreenShot
material-menu Animation port of Android L drawer, back, dismiss and check icons. img
MaterialDrawer A simple take on creating an easy to use and fast material navigation drawer implementation. img
materialish-progress A material style progress wheel compatible with 2.3. img
discreteSeekBar DiscreteSeekbar is my poor attempt to develop an android implementation of the Discrete Slider component from the Google Material Design Guidelines. img
ListViewVariants Provides special ways to handle ListViews, including PinnedHeaderListView in Lollipop's Contacts' app style. img
recyclerview-stickyheaders Android library that integrate sticky section headers in your RecyclerView. None
SuperSLiM A layout manager for the RecyclerView with interchangeable linear, grid, and staggered displays of views, all with configurable section headers including the sticky variety as specified in the material design docs. img
ObservableScrollView Android library to observe scroll events on scrollable views. None
MaterialTabs Custom Tabs with Material Design effects. img
AndroidMaterialDesignToolbar Android Sample Project with Material Design and Toolbar. img
LDrawer Android drawer icon with material design animation. img
NavigationDrawer-Material Android drawer icon with material design animation. img
MaterialNavigationDrawer Navigation Drawer Activity with material design style and simplified methods. img
material-dialogs A beautiful, easy-to-use, and customizable dialogs API, enabling you to use Material design themed dialogs across all versions of Android (unlike AppCompat). img
android-styled-dialogs Backport of Material dialogs with easy-to-use API based on DialogFragment. img
MaterialDialog An Android dialog library, has strong extensibility, customizability, and for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L. img
floating-action-button Floating Action Button for Android based on Material Design specification. img
material-calendarview A Material-looking Android CalendarView. img
snackbar Android Library that implements Snackbars from Google's Material Design documentation. img
SnackBar toast-like alert pattern for Android inspired by the Google Material Design Spec. img


Title Description
hawk Secure Simple Key-Value Storage for Android.
secure-preferences Android Shared preference wrapper than encrypts the keys and values of Shared Preferences. It's not bullet proof security but rather a quick win for incrementally making your android app more secure.
esperandro Esperandro is for everybody that uses SharedPreferences in his Android App and is tired of the verbose usage of them.






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