Powershell script module for working with the Workday API, using raw XML.
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Workday SOAP API Powershell Script Module


Provides simple methods for accessing the Workday SOAP API.

This simple Powershell Module has been written to fulfill my employer's Workday automation needs. I see this as a prototype, while I experiment with the best way to expose the complexities of the Workday API in a Powershell-y way. Thinking that the community might find it helpful and may even wish to comment or contribute, I have hosted the source on GitHub (https://github.com/treestryder/powershell_module_workdayapi).


  • Easy command-line use, after setting default configuration options and securely saving them to the current user's profile.
  • Get Worker information for one or all workers.
  • Get / Set / Update Worker email.
  • Get / Set / Update Worker phone.
  • Upload Worker Photos.
  • Upload Worker Documents.
  • Run reports.
  • Trigger Integrations and retreive their status.
  • Submit arbitrary API calls.
  • A sample script to push A.D. changes to Workday (samples/Push_AD_to_Workday.ps1).


Set-WorkdayEndpoint -Endpoint Staffing        -Uri 'https://SERVICE.workday.com/ccx/service/TENANT/Staffing/v26.0'
Set-WorkdayEndpoint -Endpoint Human_Resources -Uri 'https://SERVICE.workday.com/ccx/service/TENANT/Human_Resources/v26.0'
Set-WorkdayEndpoint -Endpoint Integrations    -Uri 'https://SERVICE.workday.com/ccx/service/TENANT/Integrations/v26.0'

Set-WorkdayWorkerPhone -WorkerId 123 -WorkerType Employee_ID -Number '+1 (234) 987-6543'

Get-WorkdayWorkerPhone -WorkerId 123 -WorkerType Employee_ID | Format-Table

UsageType DeviceType Number           Extension Primary Public
--------- ---------- ------           --------- ------- ------
Home      Landline   1 (234) 567-8910             False  False
Work      Landline   1 (234) 987-6543              True  False

$response = Invoke-WorkdayRequest -Request '<bsvc:Server_Timestamp_Get xmlns:bsvc="urn:com.workday/bsvc" />' -Uri https://SERVICE.workday.com/ccx/service/TENANT/Human_Resources/v26.0

wd                   version Server_Timestamp_Data        
--                   ------- ---------------------        
urn:com.workday/bsvc v25.1   2015-12-02T12:18:30.841-08:00

Get-Command -Module WorkdayApi | sort Name | Get-Help | Format-Table Name, Synopsis -AutoSize

Name                        Synopsis                                                                                
----                        --------                                                                                
Export-WorkdayDocument      Exports Workday Documents.
Get-WorkdayDate             Gets the current time and date from Workday.                                                        
Get-WorkdayEndpoint         Gets the default Uri value for all or a particular Endpoint.                            
Get-WorkdayIntegrationEvent Retrieves the status of a Workday Integration.                                          
Get-WorkdayReport           Returns the XML result from any Workday report, based on its URI.                       
Get-WorkdayWorker           Gets Worker information as Workday XML.                                                 
Get-WorkdayWorkerDocument   Gets Workday Worker Documents.                                                          
Get-WorkdayWorkerEmail      Returns a Worker's email addresses.                                                     
Get-WorkdayWorkerPhone      Returns a Worker's phone numbers.                                                       
Invoke-WorkdayRequest       Sends XML requests to Workday API, with proper authentication and receives XML response.
Remove-WorkdayConfiguration Removes Workday configuration file from the current user's Profile.                     
Save-WorkdayConfiguration   Saves default Workday configuration to a file in the current users Profile.             
Set-WorkdayCredential       Sets the default Workday API credentials.                                               
Set-WorkdayEndpoint         Sets the default Uri value for a particular Endpoint.                                   
Set-WorkdayWorkerDocument   Uploads a document to a Worker's records in Workday.                                    
Set-WorkdayWorkerEmail      Sets a Worker's email in Workday.                                                       
Set-WorkdayWorkerPhone      Sets a Worker's phone number in Workday.                                                
Set-WorkdayWorkerPhoto      Uploads an image file to Workday and set it as a Worker's photo.                        
Start-WorkdayIntegration    Starts a Workday Integration.                                                           
Update-WorkdayWorkerEmail   Updates a Worker's email in Workday, only if it is different.                           
Update-WorkdayWorkerPhone   Updates a Worker's phone number in Workday, only if it is different.                


The only dependency is Powershell version 4.

To install...

  • Download the files.
  • Execute the script Install-WorkdayModule.ps1

Fine Print

Please use with caution. This module could cause baldness, could warp time and space, could kill your puppy or, could do nothing at all. I am sharing what I am using as a starting point for a community developed solution.

Any and all contributions are more than welcome and appreciated.