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ssdeep Extension for HipHop (HHVM)

This is an implementation of the ssdeep PHP extension for the HipHop PHP VM.


This extension only requires the libfuzzy library distributed with ssdeep and the HipHop VM (HHVM) itself.

libfuzzy installation

This can be done either from the ssdeep source or from your systems packages. On Ubuntu you'll need to install libfuzzy-dev.

Building and installation

Installation requires a copy of HipHop to be built from source on the local machine, instructions on how to do this are available on the HipHop Wiki. Once done, the following commands will build the extension.

Firstly, ensure that the $HPHP_HOME env var has been set:

export HPHP_HOME=/path/to/hhvm

Then the build proper:

$ cd /path/to/extension
$ $HPHP_HOME/hphp/tools/hphpize/hphpize
$ cmake .
$ make

This will produce a file, the dynamically-loadable extension.

To enable the extension, you need to have the following section in your hhvm config file (typically config.hdf):

DynamicExtensionPath = /path/to/hhvm/extensions
DynamicExtensions {
	* =

Where /path/to/hhvm/extensions is a folder containing all HipHop extensions, and is in it. This will cause the extension to be loaded when the virtual machine starts up.


This extension is functionally equivalent to the PECL version I also maintain so the same documentation is applicable - see

Differences from PECL

There is one difference from the standard PECL implementation.

  • The info function is not included as HipHop VM does not implement phpinfo(); - //this does not affect the extensions public API//

Otherwise, all functionality is (or should be) the same as the PECL implementation.

As always, bugs should be reported to the issue tracker and patches are very welcome.


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