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Millions of people around the world live in areas that are not covered on online mapping services. MSF's Missing Maps initiative is hosting Mapathons and sending volunteers to those areas to put people on the map.

However, for both volunteering mappers and communities, there was not an effective way to display the difference they made on the ground. We came up with ImpactMap to help people understand the impact they are having on communities. Their impact is much more than just an updated map - mapping communities means adding people with unstable water supply and limited access to communication means to a global network.

ImpactMap shows the evolution of a map over a specific period of time and helps users understand their impact on the community.


We built ImpactMap on top of incredible software:

The front-end was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
The back-end was built with Java, Python, Flask, MySQL, Overpass, Overpy.
APIs and data used: OpenStreetMap.

Additional statistics are based on the country average. We cannot guarantee that the data shown reflects the actual numbers on the ground.

This project was built during the University's Innovative Learning Week "Smart Data Hack" 2016. This project is released under an Apache 3.0 license. Feel free to fork and improve our project on GitHub.


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