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What is this?

A data visualization project developed with a team of journalists for

See a live version at

What's inside?

A single page website built on the skeleton boilerplate featuring diagrams made with D3.js

Is there something useable in this repository?

Yes, actually. There are four types of diagrams I've built for this project. Feel free to use them for your own projects.

  • Chord diagram
  • Map chart
  • Bar chart
  • Percentages chart

There's also a map of Europe in TopoJSON format which you can use independently of what's in this repo.

Each country has a basic data set which you can access. Here's what Spain's data looks like:

"properties": {
  "NAME": "Spain",
  "CONTINENT": "Europe",
  "REGION_UN": "Europe",
  "SUBREGION": "Southern Europe",
  "EU_MEMBER": "1"

Shape geometry is simplified while retaining a decent amount of detail and weighs just 90k.


All contents of the repository are licensed under an MIT license.