A button operated memory machine!
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What is this?

The PhotoMetron - A button operated memory machine!

The PhotoMetron is built on the idea that memories come and go randomly in one's mind. You don't choose what you spontaneously remember when you notice something on the street or when you overhear a bit of conversation. Sometimes your memory takes the form of a clear image but other times it's something grainy that takes a bit of effort to reveal.

The PhotoMetron emulates that human behavior and puts it in a box with a button, a thermal printer and an LED. Once in a while it will light up. Press the button and see what comes out.

How do I get it?

I've only made one and it's not for sale. You'll have to make it yourself but the good news is that it uses commercial off-the-shelf components and a laser cut box. The source code is also available in this repository.

If you're not that much into DIY but like it so much I might make one for you.

Contribution guidelines

You can use anything in this repository for your projects but please give credit and link to the original.

Who do I talk to?

Made by treipatru. Say hi!


I couldn't have made this without the fine people over at the Arduino forums and stackoverflow.

The box I am using is a modified version of Adafruit's Internet Of Things printer.

The image engraved on the front side of the PhotoMetron is made by Martin Chapman Fromm.


The PhotoMetron is licensed under an MIT license.