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Version X.X (XXXX-XX-XX)
New: Support for binaries larger than 2 GiB (updated hex-components to v0.4.)
New: On Mac OS X, each document is now opened in its own window, the modification state of the document
is properly reflected and the title bar contains the file icon.
New: Using the more native file dialog on Mac OS X.
New: Replaced Add Annotation menus with a dialog and filterable list to aid keyboard usage.
New: Added Undo/Redo support.
New: Added Cut and Paste to the menu. Even if the viewer itself can't use them, they're useful in
other places.
New: Added Find support.
New: Added Jump to Offset.
New: Added keyboard accelerators for Add Annotation and Add Sub-Region.
New: Added Window menu on Mac OS X.
New: Added Open Recent menu.
New: Added Revert to Saved.
New: Added the ability to apply custom styles to annotations.
New: Building on the better events from hex-components, the tree now updates only the portion which
changed instead of updating the whole tree and losing the expansion state.
New: Added document unsaved (asterisk) indicators for non-Aqua look and feels.
New: Preliminary support for scripted annotation.
Fixed: NullPointerException for new notebooks due to a lack of annotations.
Fixed: Various application behaviour issues for Mac OS X.
Fixed: Unsaved document indicator properly reflects the state.
Fixed: Inputting byte values over 0x80 in hex text fields (e.g. the search field.)
Fixed: Cancelling at the options screen when adding an annotation would try to add the annotation
and then fail.
Changed: The Encoding option for string annotations is now chosen using a more convenient means of
Changed: Options for adding annotations are remembered between invocations of the action.
Changed: Document titles now show the file extension.
Changed: Actions which require focus now disable when the required focus is not available.
Changed: Renamed Remove Annotation to Delete and removed Remove Sub-Region since it can be achieved
via Remove Annotation anyway.
Changed: Copy now disables when there is nothing to copy.
Version 0.3 (2012-11-10)
New: Annotations not visible in the tree due to their parents being collapsed are now hidden from rendering
in the viewer.
New: Selecting an annotation in the tree will select the corresponding range in the viewer.
Changed: Code usable by other projects was moved out into hex-components (doesn't affect functionality.)
Changed: Zero-width annotations removed as they were causing altogether too much trouble (e.g. when sorting a list
of annotations, it's hard to know which one is first.) The structure DSL is updated to not drop an
array annotation in if the length would be zero, which was the common cause for it.
Version 0.2 (2011-07-30)
New: Notes are now editable through the annotations tree view.
New: It is now possible to delete a sub-region (it was possible using Remove Annotation, but only if there was
a byte where you could select the sub-region without selecting an annotation.
Fixed: Adding a 64-bit integer actually added a 16-bit integer of the same kind.
Fixed: Creating a sub-region caused the end offset to be one less than it should have been.
Fixed: Filenames with a space were showing %20 for the notebook description.
Fixed: Overlaps were incorrectly detected when zero-length annotations were present, or when trying to add
a zero-length annotation, where the zero-length annotation was precisely at the start or end of another
Fixed: Sometimes on exit you would be asked to close a notebook you had already closed.