A hex viewer
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Hex - A simple hex viewer written in Java.

Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Trejkaz, Hex Project


Now accepting contributions for a Mac icon file for this project! ;-)


My day job often involves looking at the internals of various files. As such, I use a hex viewer quite a lot, but all the free ones seem to be too limited and don't do the type of annotation I want, and all the full featured ones seem to cost money.

I don't want a full blown hex editor, I want a hex viewer with full blown annotation capabilities. And that is what I am trying to do here.


You'll need a Java build environment. I'm developing this on Java 8, because it fixes some severe problems with Mac applications.

You'll also need Buildr.

To build, execute buildr package in the top directory. An executable jar file will be created in the top-level target directory.

If you're building a snapshot version of Hex, it will depend on a snapshot version of Hex Components. If you're lucky, a copy of this is still in my snapshot repository and you won't have to do anything. If no changes have been made to Hex Components in a while, the snapshots won't be found, so you will have to check out and build that project before you can build Hex itself.

If you are a Mac user, execute buildr mac_app_bundle and you will get a proper .app bundle, but you will have to edit buildfile to reference your own code signing key before the build process will produce a usable app.


An up-to-date list of future ideas is being maintained on the GitHub issues page.