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New Issues

  1. Check to see if an existing Issue or Pull Request exists!
  2. Only one submission per Issue

New Pull Requests

  1. Check to see if an existing Issue or Pull Request exists!
  2. One submission per Pull Request
  1. Please name your file xxxx-xx-xx-<name>.md where <name> is replaced with the name of your site, e.g. I will supply the date when publishing the site.
  2. Set your browser size to 1000x800 at 90% zoom
  3. Make sure the screenshot is 1000x800 and please double check that everything looks good before submitting.
  4. Run the screenshot through an image optimizer like ImageOptim or TinyPNG before including it. This will help keep the website fast and the repository small as possible.

Not all submissions will be accepted. This is just the nature of curation. Please don't ask me to explain why I decided not to include a site on the list: Gituhb Issues aren't a great venue for design critique.