Java API client for the Toxiproxy
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This is a client library for the Toxiproxy - a proxy that simulates network and system conditions. With toxiproxy-java you may use a convenient Java API to create and manage proxies. Before you using this library, please read the Usage section of the Toxiproxy README.




By default, the ToxiproxyClient tries to connect to the http://localhost:8474. This might be changed using the parametrized constructor:

ToxiproxyClient client = new ToxiproxyClient("", 8474);

Following snippet will create a new proxy for the MySQL service:

Proxy mysqlProxy = client.createProxy("mysql", "localhost:21212", "localhost:3306");

The proxy will listen on port 21212 on the loopback interface and transfer all the traffic to port 3306. We may also create a toxic:

mysqlProxy.toxics().latency("my-latency-toxic", DOWNSTREAM, 100).setJitter(15);

For a full list of toxics, please visit the Toxiproxy README.