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The Hit List handles URLs with 'thehitlist' scheme in the following manner:

Look up by UID

Show the task or group with the UID in The Hit List application.


Look up by Group Name

Show group with name 'group2', that is a subgroup of 'group1'.


Task Creation

Add new task to group with name 'group'.


You can only add to lists and the Today group.


  • method

    This has to be 'POST' for task creation.

  • title

    Title of the new task

  • notes

    Notes to include in the task

  • url

    The URL to include in the task notes

  • startDate, dueDate

    Dates can be specified using the shorthand value that The Hit List application understands. For example, "6/4", "June 4, 2010", "4" (4th of the next month), "wed", "4d" (in four days), "today", "t" (today), and so on and so on. If you add a task to the Today group, the start date gets automatically set to today.

  • estimatedTime

    Example values are 30m, 0.5h 1d, and so on.

  • priority

    Priority can range from 0 to 9 where 0 is no priority

  • index

    An index value of n will insert to that index in the group or task. Index of -1 is a special case where it will add to the end of the list, the default is 0.

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