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"""Function Annotations.
Function annotations are completely optional metadata information about the types used
by user-defined functions.
Annotations are stored in the __annotations__ attribute of the function as a dictionary and have no
effect on any other part of the function. Parameter annotations are defined by a colon after the
parameter name, followed by an expression evaluating to the value of the annotation. Return
annotations are defined by a literal ->, followed by an expression, between the parameter list and
the colon denoting the end of the def statement.
def breakfast(ham: str, eggs: str = 'eggs') -> str:
"""Breakfast creator.
This function has a positional argument, a keyword argument, and the return value annotated.
return ham + ' and ' + eggs
def test_function_annotations():
"""Function Annotations."""
assert breakfast.__annotations__ == {'eggs': str, 'ham': str, 'return': str}
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