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Manual Installation

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The easiest way to install Trellis is to use the pre-built installers described on the project download page.

This page outlines the steps for installing Trellis manually.

Installing as a system service

To install Trellis as a systemd service on linux, follow the steps below. systemd is used by linux distributions such as CentOS/RHEL 7+ and Ubuntu 15+.

  1. Move the unpacked Trellis directory to a location such as /opt/trellis. If you choose a different location, please update the ./etc/trellis.service script.

  2. Edit the ./etc/environment file as desired (optional).

  3. Edit the ./etc/config.yml file as desired (optional).

  4. Create a trellis user:

$ sudo useradd -r trellis -s /sbin/nologin
  1. Create data directories. A different location can be used, but then please update the ./etc/config.yml file.
$ sudo mkdir /var/lib/trellis
$ sudo chown trellis.trellis /var/lib/trellis
  1. Install the systemd file:
$ sudo ln -s /opt/trellis/etc/trellis.service /etc/systemd/system/trellis.service
  1. Reload systemd to see the changes
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  1. Start the trellis service
$ sudo systemctl start trellis

Running from the command line

For testing, it may be desirable to run Trellis directly from the command line. After unpacking either the ZIP or TAR archive and adjusting the configuration file in ./etc/config.yml, run the following command:

$ ./bin/trellis server ./etc/config.yml

On Windows systems, use the ./bin/trellis.bat executable.

Check that Trellis is running

To check that trellis is running, check the URL: http://localhost:8080

Application health checks are available at http://localhost:8081/healthcheck

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