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Trello Power-Up Tutorial Part One πŸš€

Hey there πŸ‘‹

This is the end-product of the tutorial found here.

If you'd like to see this Power-Up live, you can remix this project by selecting the Remix this 🎀 button found above.

Once you remix this, you'll want to take a look at what the new name is. Click the Show Live button up in the top bar and grab that url. You'll want to add /manifest.json to the end of it and then head here:


Select the Trello team you want to add the Power-Up to. Note: You need to be an admin of the Trello team to add custom Power-Ups to it.

Now click the Create new Power-Up button. If this is your first time creating a Power-Up, you'll need to agree to a "Joint Developer Agreement" first. After you have done that, you just need to give your cool new Power-Up a name, and paste the manifest url link in (the one you created earlier).

Click Save and it's time to celebrate πŸŽ‰ 🎊

Now when you look at the Power-Ups for any board in that team, your awesome new Power-Up will be available. You can continue to make changes to the Glitch project and you'll see that reflected in Trello (you may just need to refresh).

Want more information about Power-Ups? πŸ€”


We even have office hours you can sign up for if you want to talk to a real live person about your Power-Up. Just grab a slot that works for you on this calendar. (Remember to add a bit about what you'd like help with when signing up for a slot).

Looking for a more realistic example Power-Up? You may find the Trello Card Snooze Power-Up useful. 😴

πŸ‘‰ Trello Card Snooze Glitch Project

Icons used in the project were made by Freepik and Vectors Market from and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY