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Recup is Teacup (templates in CoffeeScript) for React.

A beautiful DSL for building React elements. JSX doesn't play nice with CoffeeScript, and raw React is ugly - Recup is the answer.

See Teacup for docs, since this is meant to mirror it very closely.

Differences from Teacup

  • The top-level render function must return exactly one root element (and it can't be a text element). Just wrap it in a div if this presents a problem.
  • t.raw wraps its contents in a span tag.
  • style attribute is expected to be an object instead of a string, in the style of React. The camelCase to kebab-case conversion will be done for you, so use backgroundColor, not background-color.
  • Contents can only be specified as a function. None of this h1 "contents" stuff.
    • This is an intentional breakage - if the contents are a dynamic string, one day they will be interpreted as a selector because of a leading . or #, and then everything goes wrong.
  • class is aliased to className. Specifying both will result in an error.
  • The functions coffeescript, escape, script, ie, style, and use are missing. Also, probably others.
    • Yep, no plugins. Sorry.
  • Returning a string from a contents function doesn't work. Use t.text instead.
  • Self-closing tags don't error if you try to specify contents. React will do whatever it does with the contents.


An implementation of most of teacup that returns a React tree instead of text.



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