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This is the repository for listing OpenFlow controller applications developed on top of Trema. The applications are not main part of Trema framework but still you can refer to them as examples or references.

Please note that since the applications are not main part of Trema, they may not be well-maintained and may or may not work expectedly.

For usages of the applications distributed under this repository, please refer to documents found in subdirectories.



Please keep the list sorted.

  • Kazushi Sugyo
  • Kazuya Suzuki
  • Shuji Ishii
  • Lei Sun
  • Yasuhito Takamiya
  • Yasunobu Chiba

License & Terms

Each software found in this directory is distributed under the terms and conditions described in the document of the software. Please carefully check the document before you build/run the software.

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