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Nodemon for C++ files
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Nodemon for C++ files. Watches C++ files in a directory for changes and compiles to object code.

Important Notice

Currently works on Ubuntu 18.04.

Why reccy

The library was built to automate the generation of C++ object files when writing .cpp programs. Generating .o files was a problem for me as I would need to run the following lines of code over and over again:

g++ -o output_file_name source_file.cpp

then run ./output_file_name to execute the program.

This library would reduce the need to type and run the g++ command manually.


  1. nodejs must be installed on your laptop.
  2. g++ must be installed on your laptop.


From the terminal (Ctrl + T to invoke) run the following

npm install -g reccy or

npm i -g reccy


Once installed globally, navigate to the folder containing .cpp files.

On the command line within the folder containing the .cpp files type

reccy <filename>.cpp

An object file .o with the same name as the .cpp file will be created.


  1. Check if g++ is installed in host machine before executing script.
  2. Execute .o file provided that a flag is passed to reccy.
  3. Create unit tests
  4. Add functionality to watch more than one .cpp files.
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