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vubat is a small system tray battery status monitor written in Python and GTK.

It was originally written by Simon Ortling and forked in 2011 by Bart Nagel to add support for ACPI, notifications and other extra features.

The tray icon is coloured according to the battery's status:

  • Blue when battery is charging or charged
  • Green when battery is discharging anywhere down to 60%
  • Yellow when battery is discharging anywhere down to 30%
  • Orange when battery is discharging anywhere down to 10%
  • Red when battery is low


  • Some version of pygtk
  • Optionally, pynotify (in Ubuntu this is in the package python-notify), to enable notifications


It's possible to just run it from the working directory with no further steps, by running the vubat script.

To build:

python build

To install to /usr/local (root permissions are required):

python install



For a list of options use the --help switch:

vubat --help

You may want to put it in your ~/.xinitrc or other window manager startup script backgrounded, like

vubat &

To force vubat to update you can send it the USR1 signal, for instance on ACPI events so that the status is updated promptly.

killall -USR1 vubat

Or to force a notification to appear even if nothing is new or important you can send the USR2 signal.


  • Fix FIXMEs
  • Test in ibam (ibam doesn't work on my laptop) or remove support