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Tremor Logo


The react library to build dashboards fast

Tremor lets you create simple and modular components to build insightful dashboards in a breeze. Fully open-source, made by data scientists and software engineers with a sweet spot for design.

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Getting Started

For new projects, we recommend using Next.js 13.4+. For other frameworks, see our Installation Guide. To make use of the library we also need Tailwind CSS setup in the project. For manual installation, refer to the installation guide on our website.

Using NextJS

In your terminal, we create a new Next project. When prompted Would you like to use Tailwind CSS with this project?, select Yes.

npx create-next-app@latest my-project
cd my-project

Installation using the Tremor CLI

We recommend installing Tremor with our CLI. To do so, run this command and select Next as your framework. If you prefer a manual installation, check the installation guide on our website.

npx @tremor/cli@latest init

Now you are set and you can start the dev server.

npm run dev


With Tremor creating an analytical interface is easy.

import { Card, Text, Metric, Flex, ProgressBar } from "@tremor/react";
export default () => (
  <Card className="max-w-sm">
    <Metric>$ 71,465</Metric>
    <Flex className="mt-4">
      <Text>32% of annual target</Text>
      <Text>$ 225,000</Text>
    <ProgressBar value={32} className="mt-2" />

Tremor Example

Community and Contribution

We are always looking for new ideas or other ways to improve Tremor. If you have developed anything cool or found a bug, send us a pull request.


Apache License 2.0

Copyright © 2023 Tremor. All rights reserved.