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@github-actions github-actions released this 05 Jan 01:23
· 27 commits to main since this release

Controlled input components are here 🎉

Dropdown, SelectBox, MultiSelectBox, TabList, and Toggle

  • Added a new value and property to enable controllable state.
  • Added new onValueChange property to replace handleSelect (handleSelect is be deprecated)
  • Enabled KeyListeners, e.g. ESC key to dismiss an opened Dropdown and Arrow Up/Down to skim through options.


  • Added defaultValue for uncontrolled mode
  • Added id property


  • Added a new DateRangePicker component which will replace the current Datepicker (Datepicker is deprecated)
  • It supports controlled and uncontrolled state, through the value and the defaultValue properties. The input format is a tuple in the following format: [startDate, endDate, dropdownOption (optional)]
  • The default dropdown options can be replaced through the options property