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Analyzing racial profiling from Connecticut's traffic stop data

This repository contains source data and analysis code for the Trend CT stories and database Cops, Stops & Race:


Some of the data is too large to be listed in this repo, but can be downloaded elsewhere

  • Stops between October 2014 and September 2015 - CT Data Collaborative
  • [data]( - Folder where all dependent and generated data resides



  • bubble_chart_maker.R - Converts department-level summaries into a json array for a highcharts connected-scatterplot visualization
  • location_prep.R - Brings in data from an Excel sheet that includes latitude and longitude data for traffic stops from 8 departments. Creates mega.csv
  • town_borders_location_analysis.R - Some exploratory maps looking at location-specific traffic stops along borders of towns
  • officers.R - Run after towns.R. Adds officer-level analysis and adds it to the department-level summary to create mega_df.csv.
  • official_data_merging.R - Creates ccsu_data.csv from various spreadsheets of figures calculated by CCSU's Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy, such as coefficients and k means values.
  • overall_analysis.R - Script that creates a couple bar charts exploring overall stops by day of week and hour of the day
  • points.R - Generates exploratory chart of disparity points based on mega_df.csv
  • scatter_maker.R - Writes three javascript arrays that created scatter plots used in this story
  • time.R - Testing chart visualization of Veil of Darkness data using Hamden locations
  • time_all.R - Adds columns determining if a stop happened in sunlight or darkness, adds time of sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn, and adds other date-specific info to help chart later on
  • time_version_a.R - Same as above but for 2013-2014 data instead of 2014-2015.
  • towns.R - Run before officers.R. Create a town-level analysis dataframe (mega_town_df11.csv), brings in ccsu_data.csv to replace calculations with CCSU's "official" figures.


  • img folder inlcudes many generated exploratory charts, some of which was used in final stories


  • maps folder includes shape files used to generate choropleths in the walkthroughs and scriopts


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