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We've moved this over to its own organization (TrendCT-Data) so it'd be easier to download individual projects. We'll keep this repo but all future projects will be at the link above.

What is this

This repository contains the data and data-processing scripts used in stories.

Our philosophy

We at Trend CT believe in open data. Our scripts may be too technical for the average reader, but we make it accessible because we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible about our methodology so our work can be checked or expanded upon.

We strive to achieve a few things with our repos: Downloading and running the code as instructed will produce the data and exploratory charts used in our stories The data itself will be an easily found location in the repos for those who don't care about the transformation or analysis process Our scripts will be clearly documented and can serve as a way for readers to learn advanced data analysis techniques

We encourage visitors look over our calculations and expand upon our analysis or inspire you to create new visualizations.

The stories we write are usually Connecticut focused but since we use national data it's not difficult to tweak a line in our scripts to generate an analysis for a different state.


The data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the code is available under the MIT License. If you do find it useful, please let us know.

If you use our data or methodology, please give us a shout out in your story. It'd also be nice if you gave the author of the story a heads up.

Check us out on Twitter @TrendCT and on Facebook/TrendCT.

Story data repos

Data repos from previous stories will eventually be migrated into this folder

Story Repo Data Methodology Date
Who's sitting in pretrial detention in Connecticut pre-trial-inmates data RMarkdown 7/20/2016
Who, where and how often people are stunned by police in Connecticut stun-guns data RMarkdown 7/19/2016
Who, where and how often people are stunned by police in Connecticut taser-incidents data Jupyter Notebook 7/19/2016
Minorities more likely to be shot with stun guns in Connecticut stun-guns data RMarkdown 6/30/2016
The impact of HIV in Connecticut and across the country hiv_ct data RMarkdown 6/28/2016
Census: 2015 county population by age and gender population-by-sex-by-county data Jupyter Notebook 6/27/2016
Black and Hispanic drivers searched twice as often as white drivers in Connecticut traffic-stops-2016 data RMarkdown 6/13/2016
Case studies: Which neighborhoods police focus traffic enforcement) traffic-stops-2016 data RMarkdown 6/13/2016
How the 'Veil of Darkness' sheds light on racial profiling traffic-stops-2016 data RMarkdown 6/13/2016
Digging deeper into racial disparities in Connecticut traffic stops traffic-stops-2016 data RMarkdown 6/13/2016
Explore: Trafic stops across Connecticut traffic-stops-2016 data RMarkdown 6/13/2016
A mismatch between rents and wages in Connecticut housing-income-oor data RMarkdown 5/31/2016
Connecticut middle class losing ground, as in most of the nation middle-class data Jupyter Notebook 5/25/2016
Uninsured rates dropping in Connecticut and across the country saie data RMarkdown 5/19/2016
What do Connecticut residents borrow for from online lenders? lending-club data RMarkdown 5/17/2016
Where kids have been abused or neglected in Connecticut abuse data Jupyter Notebook 5/9/2016
Wealth and grades: Compare Connecticut’s school districts stanford-cepa data RMarkdown 5/6/2016
Exploring the life expectancy of Connecticut residents by income health-inequality data Jupyter Notebook 5/3/2016
Analyzing Trump’s win in Connecticut’s Republican primary primaries-2016 data RMarkdown 5/2/2016
Analyzing Connecticut’s Democratic primary results primaries-2016 data RMarkdown 4/29/2016
Voter registrations spike before primaries in Connecticut primary-voter-reg data RMarkdown 4/20/2016
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton campaigns increasing ad buys before CT primaries ad-buys-ct data RMarkdown 4/18/2016
Which neighborhoods have the highest risk of lead poisoning in CT? lead-analysis data RMarkdown 4/8/2016
Drinking water violations across Connecticut lead-analysis data RMarkdown 4/6/2016
Where lead is in the water lead-analysis data RMarkdown 4/4/2016
Where bears have been sighted in Connecticut bear-sightings data RMarkdown 3/18/2016