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  1. Next D/Ports build tool for live systems (Alternative for Portmaster and Portupgrade tools)

    Ada 170 8 Built by @jrmarino @daemonblade @Ximalas @clinta @jakobbg
  2. Id Software's Id-tech-4-BFG in the Ada programming language.

    Ada 170 22 Built by @AdaDoom3 @Kensan @mulander @OneWingedShark @MichaelAllenHardeman
  3. William Whitaker's WORDS, a Latin dictionary

    Ada 99 29 Built by @mk270 @darkestkhan @ids1024 @elhaem @apt1002
  4. The GNAT Programming Studio.

    Ada 93 16 Built by @briot @ArnaudCharlet @setton @QuentinOchem @TurboGit
  5. Ada source code and complete sample GNAT projects for selected bare-board platforms supported by GNAT.

    Ada 93 67 Built by @Fabien-Chouteau @pat-rogers @lambourg @elbric0 @emareg
  6. The Ada Microkernel Project

    Ada 91 13 Built by @Lucretia @nosey
  7. SPARK 2014 is the new version of SPARK, a software development technology specifically designed for engineering high-reliability applications.

    Ada 80 14 Built by @yannickmoy @kanigsson @ptroja @clairedross @elisabarboni
  8. SPARK by Example is an adaptation of ACSL by Example for SPARK 2014, a programming language which is a formally verified subset of Ada

    Ada 70 8 Built by @tofgarion @patouf35 @fujiks @yoogx @yannickmoy
  9. The libadacrypt-dev is a crypto library for Ada with a nice API. It is written for the i386 and x86_64 hardware architecture and supports AES, Twofish, 3DES, Serpent SHA-1/256/384/512, DSA, OAEP-RSA, HMAC, CMAC, SIV, OCB, Nonces, Elliptic Curves. etc. It also contains regression tests consisting of over 400 tests. Dependencies: make and gnat-4.9.

    Ada 69 16 Built by @HPSchilling @cforler @Mack-the-Knife @rod-chapman
  10. Thick Ada binding for OpenGL and GLFW

    Ada 46 13 Built by @flyx @onox @alkhimey @landgraf @rashfael
  11. A G-code parser and CNC controller (in Ada)

    Ada 46 6 Built by @Fabien-Chouteau
  12. Ada Bare Bones OS development tutorial source code

    Ada 44 11 Built by @Lucretia @nosey
  13. Ada 2012 bindings to SDL 2

    Ada 42 13 Built by @Lucretia @pmderodat @simonjwright @cxong
  14. AWS is a complete framework to develop Web based applications in Ada.

    Ada 39 19 Built by @TurboGit @anisimkov @enzbang @briot @quinot
  15. Ada semantic analysis library.

    Ada 37 15 Built by @raph-amiard @pmderodat @Roldak @yannickmoy @0xcharly
  16. Ada bindings for the GTK+ graphical library.

    Ada 37 12 Built by @briot @ArnaudCharlet @setton @albertklee @lambourg
  17. Roguelike in sky with a steampunk setting

    Ada 34 2 Built by @thindil @LJNIC @MagiOC
  18. Shell, web engine, scripting language mission-critical, scalable projects.

    Ada 33 5 Built by @kburtch @qunying @Blady-Com @cicku
  19. Ada-bindings for 0mq

    Ada 29 9 Built by @persan @mk270 @landgraf
  20. A Latin-English Dictionary Program

    Ada 27 12 Built by @dsanson
  21. The primary source code repository for PHCpack, a software package to solve polynomial systems with homotopy continuation methods.

    Ada 27 12 Built by @janverschelde
  22. An Ada binding for Lua.

    Ada 26 6 Built by @Nikokrock @kbrei @raph-amiard
  23. Drake: A Runtime Library for gcc-Ada

    Ada 25 8 Built by @ytomino @AdaDoom3
  24. Ada Web Application

    Ada 25 3 Built by @stcarrez
  25. An Ada binding generator from SVD descriptions for bare board ARM devices.

    Ada 25 15 Built by @lambourg @Fabien-Chouteau @elbric0 @pat-rogers @simonjwright
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