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  1. Community-managed fork of the Arc dialect of Lisp; for commit privileges submit a pull request.

    Arc 962 159 Built by @akkartik @hjek @rocketnia @rntz @huetsch
  2. Hacker News web site source code mirror.

    Arc 355 51 Built by @wting @snluu
  3. Bixo is an open source web mining toolkit that runs as a series of Cascading pipes on top of Hadoop. By building a customized Cascading pipe assembly, you can quickly create specialized web mining applications.

    Arc 142 46 Built by @Schmed @kkrugler @sgroschupf @cwensel @rockwalrus
  4. arc in java

    Arc 50 3 Built by @conanite @fogus
  5. Rewrite of Arc 3.1 with more features, more speed, and bug fixes. Still compatible with Arc 3.1.

    Arc 47 12 Built by @Pauan @rocketnia
  6. Editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii data files

    Arc 47 11 Built by @JasonP27 @Treeki
  7. Arc Lisp to C compiler

    Arc 33 1 Built by @AmkG @sacado
  8. A JavaScript port of most of Rainbow (conanite's JVM-based Arc implementation).

    Arc 18 2 Built by @rocketnia
  9. Arc Runtime Project

    Arc 18 12 Built by @awwx @rocketnia @Pauan
  10. A lispy language that compiles into JavaScript, strongly influenced by Arc.

    Arc 14 4 Built by @evanrmurphy
  11. Python script to create CDX index files of WARC data

    Arc 13 14 Built by @rajbot @kngenie @jcushman @nlevitt
  12. Experimental fork of, primarily for keyword args and generic functions

    Arc 13 3 Built by @akkartik
  13. Python script to create CDX index files of WARC data

    Arc 12 14 Built by @rajbot @nlevitt @kngenie @galgeek @jcushman
  14. Arc repo I am using to submit patchs for Hackerstreet india

    Arc 12 159 Built by @rntz @huetsch @akkartik @jazzdev @alimoeeny
  15. Embedded Lisp COmpiler (a Lisp compiler for bare metal 32bit embedded systems)

    Arc 10 2 Built by @esden
  16. s-expression based html markup for arc

    Arc 9 1 Built by @hasenj
  17. Toy swank.

    Arc 8 1 Built by @hchbaw
  18. a wide range of heterogenous testdata, useful during technical application development

    Arc 8 1 Built by @lsauer
  19. HAdoop-based Web Archive Record Processing

    Arc 7 7 Built by @blekinge @carlwilson @gmlewis @willp-bl
  20. My arc repo

    Arc 7 3 Built by @nex3 @hornbeck
  21. Paul Graham's Brand New Lisp

    Arc 7 159 Built by @nex3 @shlomif @samsonjs @raymyers @wfarr
  22. Arc for mgiken

  23. A set of test files for web archiving.

    Arc 7 1 Built by @anjackson
  24. A language that emphasizes freedom of command.

    Arc 6 Built by @rocketnia
  25. Arc 6 Built by @evanrmurphy
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