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  1. ATS2: Unleashing the Potentials of Types and Templates

    ATS 205 41 Built by @githwxi @bbarker @master-q @wdblair @Hibou57
  2. Tool to count lines of source code.

    ATS 115 2 Built by @vmchale @theindigamer
  3. Implementing ATS3 in ATS2

    ATS 35 4 Built by @githwxi @ashalkhakov @sazl
  4. This repository contains coding examples of all sorts written in ATS and possibly other programming languages. These examples are primarily meant as recipes for people interested in learning ATS as well as using it to construct software for use in the real world.

    ATS 35 Built by @githwxi
  5. ATS 31 1 Built by @deech
  6. Examples from Introduction to Programming in ATS

    ATS 21 Built by @chrisdone
  7. Collection of ATS goodness

    ATS 21 1 Built by @galletti94
  8. Home of the fast-arithmetic library for number theory in ATS and Haskell.

    ATS 16 Built by @vmchale
  9. ⛓️ Blockchain + Smart contracts from scratch

    ATS 14 1 Built by @galletti94
  10. ATS 14 2 Built by @deech @btbytes
  11. generate ATS interface from C code

    ATS 13 1 Built by @master-q
  12. ATS2: Unleashing the Potentials of Types and Templates

    ATS 11 41 Built by @githwxi @bbarker @master-q @steinwaywhw @wdblair
  13. A parsing combinator library.

    ATS 8 Built by @steinwaywhw
  14. This repository is primarily for testing ATS2 on various platforms

    ATS 7 5 Built by @githwxi @galletti94 @bbarker @cosmo0920
  15. Concurrency primitives for ATS

    ATS 6 Built by @vmchale
  16. 3D vector algebra library for ATS

    ATS 6 3 Built by @ashalkhakov
  17. Levenshtein edit distance, packaged for ATS

    ATS 6 1 Built by @vmchale
  18. ATS2 proofs of concept stuff

    ATS 5 Built by @ashalkhakov
  19. Small programs testing out features of the ATS (Postiatis) programming language.

    ATS 5 1 Built by @August-Alm
  20. A verified memory-safe correct implementation of left-pad in ats2

    ATS 5 3 Built by @shlevy
  21. Recursion schemes in ATS

    ATS 5 Built by @vmchale
  22. Colored terminal output

    ATS 4 Built by @ashalkhakov
  23. For template-based library code that is, kind of, inspired by category theory.

    ATS 4 Built by @githwxi
  24. Source code for my series of blog entires dubbed "The Joy of ATS"

    ATS 3 Built by @RyanTKing
  25. Just a Playground

    ATS 3 Built by @steinwaywhw
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