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  1. Plex Roku Channel - original source from

    Brightscript 97 39 Built by @ljunkie @sullman @wagnerscastle @stormerider @mattpwalsh
  2. Watch TV on your Roku using your HDHomerun PRIME and Wallop!

    Brightscript 66 12 Built by @computmaxer @maddox
  3. Emby for Roku

    Brightscript 64 46 Built by @gcw07 @LukePulverenti @speechles @th0rus @im85288
  4. MyVideoBuzz

    Brightscript 60 36 Built by @Protuhj @jesstech @utmostsolutions @youvegottabecrazy @MinimaxHeadroom
  5. Airplay server for Roku

    Brightscript 53 8 Built by @thetrime
  6. Tool for automating and testing Roku channels

    Brightscript 46 28 Built by @RokuRnD @tcharles411 @ctraganos @dannykng @samdozor
  7. Sample application for Roku using Brightcove VideoCloud

    Brightscript 44 21 Built by @bdeitte @adiffmike @jeffehobbs @sudo97 @brandonaaskov
  8. Some useful Roku utilities

    Brightscript 38 13 Built by @dphang
  9. A port of the classic game Prince of Persia (1989) to Roku

    Brightscript 37 5 Built by @lvcabral
  10. A repository for custom BrightScript plugins that extend the functionality of BrightAuthor. To retrieve a plugin from GitHub, right-click the Raw link on the plugin page heading and click Save Link As....

    Brightscript 30 29 Built by @PGambrill @Khobalt
  11. Tiny Desk Concerts Roku app

    Brightscript 28 5 Built by @onyxfish @dannydb @eads
  12. A base roku channel for reading an external content source and displaying videos in different content categories.

    Brightscript 27 7 Built by @jordanmueller
  13. A basic sample channel application for Roku

    Brightscript 25 21 Built by @ctraganos @dannykng @heitortsergent
  14. Adobe Media SDK

    Brightscript 24 26 Built by @praveek @himanshuphalak @himanshu-phalak @jesusfigueroa @diux
  15. Brightscript 24 10 Built by @invalid-email-address @MarkRoddy @theSmaw @jlourenc @connected-mlaforet
  16. Brightscript 24 8 Built by @timbeynart-nbcuni @russvolyar @learnroku @vimal763
  17. A Roku build tool with support for build flavors

    Brightscript 24 9 Built by @slheavner @nishtahir @cazacutudor @vannuysm @pixshatterer
  18. mythtv front end for Roku player

    Brightscript 23 24 Built by @ear9mrn @zane131 @rshendershot @pturcanu
  19. TorrenTV Channel for Roku source code.

    Brightscript 20 8 Built by @guerrerocarlos
  20. Remake of the classsic game Lode Runner (1983) for Roku Streaming Box

    Brightscript 19 4 Built by @lvcabral
  21. SceneGraph version of the SDK1 VideoPlayer Channel

    Brightscript 19 9 Built by @LeoWW @ctraganos @dannykng
  22. Roku application for streaming home media from a basic http server.

    Brightscript 19 9 Built by @bcl
  23. Fully working podcast player channel - accepts an MRSS feed and parses artwork and playlist.

    Brightscript 16 8 Built by @LockChristian @ctraganos @dannykng
  24. An example Roku channel with multi-level categories.

    Brightscript 16 13 Built by @belltown
  25. MyVideoBuzz

    Brightscript 16 36 Built by @utmostsolutions @jesstech
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