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  1. C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS

    CMake 4,435 1,097 Built by @alexkaratarakis @ras0219-msft @codicodi @atkawa7 @sdcb 12 stars today
  2. Official KiCad 3D model libraries for rendering and MCAD integration

    CMake 136 173 Built by @Misca1234 @SchrodingersGat @stoth @jkriege2 @poeschlr
  3. Official KiCad Footprint Libraries for Kicad version 5

    CMake 177 283 Built by @poeschlr @SchrodingersGat @evanshultz @jkriege2 @Misca1234
  4. Official KiCad schematic symbol libraries for Kicad 5

    CMake 175 314 Built by @evanshultz @SchrodingersGat @jkriege2 @poeschlr @fauxpark
  5. 📦 CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C/C++. Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, etc.

    CMake 1,495 409 Built by @ruslo @headupinclouds @pretyman @isaachier @Cyberunner23
  6. Dead Simple OpenGL

    CMake 1,296 182 Built by @Polytonic @domesticmouse @romanlevin
  7. CMake toolchain file and other scripts for the Android NDK

    CMake 944 395 Built by @ethanrublee @paroj @rpavlik @abergmeier @gjasny
  8. learning cmake

    CMake 939 294 Built by @Akagi201 @bitdeli-chef
  9. CMake module to speed up builds.

    CMake 894 102 Built by @sakra @misery @ArnaudD-FR @gjasny @gcamp
  10. Community builds using source code from OpenJDK project

    CMake 792 76 Built by @akashche @stooke @ojdkbuild @daudo @acornett
  11. Smart pointers for the (GNU) C programming language

    CMake 736 57 Built by @Snaipe @steve384 @anupamaggarwal @avinassh
  12. Useful CMake Examples

    CMake 711 133 Built by @ttroy50 @aaronang @ttroy @chrisdoherty4
  13. C++ Package Manager

    CMake 642 34 Built by @iauns
  14. 学习计算机科学的一些资源

    CMake 638 295 Built by @tolerious @NiklausAizen @fenghelong
  15. My collection of CMake modules

    CMake 517 146 Built by @rpavlik @nickbroon @tomgey @StudioEtrange @AlessandroMenti
  16. 🔧 Collection of CMake toolchain files and scripts for cross-platform build and CI testing (GCC, Visual Studio, iOS, Android, Clang analyzer, sanitizers etc.)

    CMake 501 139 Built by @ruslo @headupinclouds @pretyman @skypjack @xvtom
  17. Torch installation in a self-contained folder

    CMake 425 342 Built by @soumith @alexbw @BTNC @howard0su @hughperkins
  18. 中国大学MOOC《机器人操作系统入门》课程代码示例

    CMake 419 243 Built by @sychaichangkun @buaaerhan @anchuanxu @DavidHan008
  19. VST 3 Plug-In SDK

    CMake 401 40 Built by @scheffle @ygrabit
  20. A multi-system emulator and library manager designed to be both powerful and easy to use.

    CMake 350 35 Built by @Druage @athairus @Gu1 @Subv @Limero
  21. Android Simulated Environment

    CMake 320 25 Built by @leinir @ingwal @aseigo @davidedmundson @star-buck
  22. Build and install TensorFlow C++ API library.

    CMake 307 93 Built by @FloopCZ @achalshah20 @ahoereth @tano297 @daavoo
  23. An Enhancement Suite for the CMake Build System

    CMake 302 26 Built by @toeb @ahueck @ruslo @Manu343726 @Fraser999
  24. 《CMake入门实战》源码

    CMake 286 180 Built by @hfcrwx @wzpan
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