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  1. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

    CoffeeScript 9,153 420 Built by @brian-mann @chrisbreiding @bahmutov @jennifer-shehane @lorennorman 13 stars today
  2. A European VAT number validating lib.

    CoffeeScript 67 17 Built by @viruschidai @ArthurMialon @red15 @suprememoocow @remy
  3. Desktop chat client for Google Hangouts

    CoffeeScript 3,572 311 Built by @averissimo @davibe @algesten @maxkueng @arnriu
  4. Edit CSV files using a table editor

    CoffeeScript 143 34 Built by @abe33 @Samuel29 @cnHeider @adrean @bushong1
  5. simple tool to count SLOC (source lines of code)

    CoffeeScript 705 66 Built by @flosse @bwin @stevenvachon @gilbertohasnofb @Liamsi
  6. Unfancy JavaScript

    CoffeeScript 15,010 1,993 Built by @jashkenas @michaelficarra @GeoffreyBooth @satyr @lydell
  7. A rich text editor for everyday writing

    CoffeeScript 12,717 583 Built by @javan @sstephenson @drewrygh @conormuirhead @dctalbot
  8. Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

    CoffeeScript 11,002 1,848 Built by @FelisCatus @zhtw2013 @MasoudRahmani @weblate @utf8please
  9. The hacker's browser.

    CoffeeScript 10,076 1,219 Built by @smblott-github @mrmr1993 @philc @int3 @ilya
  10. Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation

    CoffeeScript 9,591 599 Built by @lowe @nmalkin @studds @aybabtme @tomsommer
  11. Markdown presentation writer, powered by Electron.

    CoffeeScript 7,386 423 Built by @yhatt @will-hart @yasumichi @btbytes @radarhere
  12. Javascript library to create physics-based animations

    CoffeeScript 7,025 400 Built by @michaelvillar @mv-stripe @perrin4869 @djfrsn
  13. Pretty time-series line graphs

    CoffeeScript 6,880 1,238 Built by @oesmith @JelteF @sudodoki @chriserin @omarkhan
  14. Game for learning how to code.

    CoffeeScript 6,539 3,316 Built by @nwinter @sderickson @differentmatt @Imperadeiro98 @schmatz
  15. FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript

    CoffeeScript 6,017 336 Built by @raimohanska @lautis @phadej @wolfflow @matthew-hilty
  16. A web-based collaborative LaTeX editor

    CoffeeScript 5,171 656 Built by @jpallen @henryoswald @ShaneKilkelly @briangough @tomcoombs87
  17. Add Github like mentions autocomplete to your application.

    CoffeeScript 5,103 677 Built by @ichord @4ver @XrXr @vcekov @millerdev
  18. Chinese copywriting guidelines for better written communication/中文文案排版指北

    CoffeeScript 4,713 766 Built by @sparanoid @greenkeeperio-bot @mzlogin @Kuri-su @huacnlee
  19. Extract prominent colors from an image. JS port of Android's Palette.

    CoffeeScript 4,342 190 Built by @jariz @akfish @errietta @jonathanzong @kkirsche
  20. Quick and easy product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

    CoffeeScript 4,179 889 Built by @sorich87 @LostCrew @emmenko @brexis @ousmanedev
  21. An API Blueprint renderer with theme support that outputs static HTML

    CoffeeScript 4,087 430 Built by @danielgtaylor @chesleybrown @JanStevens @kylef @mgesmundo
  22. Real-time log monitoring in your browser

    CoffeeScript 3,850 603 Built by @msmathers @fzerorubigd
  23. [DEPRECATED] A general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers.

    CoffeeScript 3,673 709 Built by @jamesreggio @alex-stripe @jenan-stripe @jenanwise @maccman
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