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  1. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

    CoffeeScript 8,173 371 Built by @brian-mann @chrisbreiding @bahmutov @jennifer-shehane @lorennorman 101 stars this week
  2. The hacker's browser.

    CoffeeScript 9,751 1,184 Built by @smblott-github @mrmr1993 @philc @int3 @ilya 39 stars this week
  3. Chinese copywriting guidelines for better written communication/中文文案排版指北

    CoffeeScript 4,492 723 Built by @sparanoid @greenkeeperio-bot @mzlogin @huacnlee @summerblue 21 stars this week
  4. Game for learning how to code.

    CoffeeScript 6,475 3,276 Built by @nwinter @sderickson @differentmatt @Imperadeiro98 @schmatz 14 stars this week
  5. Quick and easy product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

    CoffeeScript 4,137 882 Built by @sorich87 @LostCrew @emmenko @brexis @ousmanedev 11 stars this week
  6. Unfancy JavaScript

    CoffeeScript 14,942 1,992 Built by @jashkenas @michaelficarra @GeoffreyBooth @satyr @lydell 10 stars this week
  7. Omelette is a simple, template based autocompletion tool for Node projects with super easy API. (For Bash, Zsh and Fish)

    CoffeeScript 758 20 Built by @f @takion @Loilo @buzztaiki @walkerrandolphsmith 11 stars this week
  8. Project management web application with scrum in mind! Built on top of Django and AngularJS (Front)

    CoffeeScript 2,992 632 Built by @juanfran @bameda @Xaviju @superalex @jespino 8 stars this week
  9. Copy/paste detector for programming source code.

    CoffeeScript 844 67 Built by @kucherenko @dmi3y @greenkeeper @jenniferplusplus @eavgerinos 6 stars this week
  10. Slack Developer Kit for Hubot

    CoffeeScript 2,097 602 Built by @aoberoi @grantmd @shanedewael @paulhammond @evansolomon 5 stars this week
  11. Distinguish between scroll events initiated by the user, and those by inertial scrolling

    CoffeeScript 227 32 Built by @d4nyll @ayamflow @pvnr0082t @fossabot 5 stars this week
  12. The official CLI tool.

    CoffeeScript 80 18 Built by @pimterry @resin-io-versionbot @lekkas @emirotin @zvin
  13. JavaScript language package for Atom

    CoffeeScript 165 206 Built by @50Wliu @kevinsawicki @MaximSokolov @Alhadis @maxbrunsfeld
  14. github api v3 in nodejs

    CoffeeScript 959 219 Built by @pksunkara @suprememoocow @jeffwilcox @64 @MattCopenhaver
  15. A complement to the jQuery library Chosen that adds ajax autocomplete

    CoffeeScript 414 167 Built by @meltingice @michaelperrin @ApmeM @cvrebert @digidanny
  16. Python package for Atom

    CoffeeScript 155 119 Built by @50Wliu @kevinsawicki @maxbrunsfeld @kbrose @foresmac
  17. PHP package for Atom

    CoffeeScript 105 96 Built by @50Wliu @kevinsawicki @UziTech @Ingramz @frozzare
  18. Bulk processing of git repositories

    CoffeeScript 75 8 Built by @pazdera
  19. Resin Supervisor:'s agent on devices.

    CoffeeScript 63 30 Built by @pcarranzav @Page- @resin-io-versionbot @petrosagg @CameronDiver
  20. CSS package for Atom

    CoffeeScript 42 64 Built by @Alhadis @50Wliu @kevinsawicki @hediyi @benogle
  21. Bookmark editor lines in Atom

    CoffeeScript 41 27 Built by @kevinsawicki @as-cii @benogle @nathansobo @50Wliu
  22. Docker based Drupal / React.js boilerplate with Unit / API / Acceptance coverage examples, ready for deployments with Continues Integration.

    CoffeeScript 34 10 Built by @spleshka @kalabro @duozersk
  23. Grunt plugin for generating sitemaps

    CoffeeScript 30 16 Built by @counterbeing @XhmikosR @SauloSilva @RayViljoen @blockmar
  24. A rich text editor for everyday writing

    CoffeeScript 12,240 553 Built by @javan @sstephenson @drewrygh @conormuirhead @dctalbot
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