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  1. Component Pascal 71 54 Built by @ericliu859
  2. Start

    Component Pascal 64 18 Built by @Strooom @swarfer
  3. Component Pascal 35 7 Built by @deltics
  4. SRL 5

    Component Pascal 34 38 Built by @cohenadair @Narcle @riwu @MerlijnWajer @NCDS
  5. This is a clone of the code coverage tool for Delphi on

    Component Pascal 34 32 Built by @magicmonty
  6. Library written in "Free Pascal" to generate PDF files on Desktop Applications, Web and Mobile. It was based on FPDF PHP.

    Component Pascal 34 13 Built by @jepafi
  7. LinX — A simple Intel Linpack GUI for Windows

    Component Pascal 30 7 Built by @sanekgusev
  8. Canola is the first typeface family produced with Metapolator

    Component Pascal 28 6 Built by @simonegli @weiweihuanghuang @davelab6 @xuv
  9. Pi Vision is a Graphical User Interface for the Raspberry Pi Camera. It allows you to control the camera functions through the camera's native camera apps. It also displays the command lines sent. The project has been released as open source. It is what you make of it.

    Component Pascal 22 11 Built by @local-vision
  10. Preprocessor for the HTML Standard

    Component Pascal 21 16 Built by @sideshowbarker @domenic @annevk @zcorpan @Hixie
  11. StarUML tools from plastic software.

    Component Pascal 19 17 Built by @escribis
  12. The most complete, efficient and convenient subtitle editing tool!

    Component Pascal 18 7 Built by @dekked
  13. FreeTrack source

    Component Pascal 17 12
  14. Wrapper for Htmlayout for Delphi

    Component Pascal 16 8 Built by @dstd
  15. Web development package for FreePascal/Lazarus

    Component Pascal 16 10
  16. V2_OS - The V2_ Operating System. 100% 32 bit assembly code

    Component Pascal 16 2 Built by @joostfaassen
  17. NppSync is a notepad++ plugin that syncs source edits of docs open in Google Chrome

    Component Pascal 15 13 Built by @evilworks
  18. PHP4Delphi is a Visual Development Framework for creating custom PHP Extensions using Delphi. PHP extension, in the most basic of terms, is a set of instructions that is designed to add functionality to PHP. PHP4Delphi also allows executing the PHP scripts within the Delphi program directly from file or memory. You can read and write global PHP …

    Component Pascal 15 7
  19. Deprecated, replaced by Ultracopier

    Component Pascal 14 9 Built by @alphaonex86
  20. Test Driven Development example with Delphi and DUnit

    Component Pascal 14 14 Built by @frantic
  21. Unicode compliant open source Bangla typing software for Windows

    Component Pascal 14 28 Built by @mugli
  22. MPCNC posts processor for Fusion 360 and Marlin

    Component Pascal 14 6 Built by @martindb @klalle
  23. Gardens Point Component Pascal is an implementation of the Component Pascal Language (CP). There are implementations for both the CLR and the JVM.

    Component Pascal 14 4 Built by @k-john-gough @mguntli
  24. A Delphi Unit that implements weak references for objects.

    Component Pascal 12 2 Built by @ahausladen
  25. 32bit port of Renegade Y2Ka2

    Component Pascal 12 3 Built by @rickparrish
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