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  1. A physical model of the human vocal tract using literate programming.

    CWeb 105 7 Built by @PaulBatchelor @belm0
  2. Marpa parse engine C library -- STABLE

    CWeb 67 5 Built by @rns @jeffreykegler @lucs @jddurand @zmughal
  3. Hygienic Literate Programming for Chez Scheme

    CWeb 19 6 Built by @arcfide @eraserhd
  4. MMIX 2009 – a RISC computer for the third millennium

    CWeb 14 1 Built by @ascherer
  5. Examples of literate programming by Knuth

    CWeb 11 2 Built by @shreevatsa
  6. An Erlang/Tcl Interface

    CWeb 7 2 Built by @fredyouhanaie
  7. Literate Programming in C/C++ —

    CWeb 3 1 Built by @ascherer
  8. Forward and Inverse Radiative Transport using the Adding-Doubling method

    CWeb 3 Built by @scottprahl
  9. A library for drawing sample-accurate lines and automation curves for computer-based music. Also a literate program using CWEB.

    CWeb 2 1 Built by @PaulBatchelor
  10. Damgra projects

    CWeb 2 Built by @elapare @thalelinh
  11. Use OpenGL to emulate jello.

    CWeb 1 1 Built by @xiangkaiy
  12. CWeb 1 Built by @124276316 @invalid-email-address
  13. CWeb 1 Built by @santucco @igor-liferenko
  14. CWeb 1 55 Built by @MonkSunBoy
  15. Mie scattering code

    CWeb 1 Built by @scottprahl
  16. Python particle tracking scripts and relevant data for oyster reef restoration project in Galveston and Copano-Aransas Bays

    CWeb 1 Built by @tsansom
  17. tutorials

    CWeb 1 Built by @sinairusinek @idorom @mhahmad @nadeen1 @vivibiton
  18. A literate program outlining the linear interpolated table-lookup oscillator algorithm used in Soundpipe

    CWeb 1 1 Built by @PaulBatchelor
  19. The classic game which sounds like...

    CWeb 1 1 Built by @z-rui
  20. Stanford GraphBase

    CWeb 1 2 Built by @ascherer
  21. Large Scale Neural Modeling (LSNM) simulator in Python

    CWeb 1 6 Built by @ulloaa
  22. Script to install NLP pipeline from its components.

    CWeb 1 Built by @PaulHuygen
  23. CWeb 1 55 Built by @MonkSunBoy
  24. Nixus is the latim word for strain and this project aims to develop solutions to elastography problems.

    CWeb 1 1 Built by @ajholanda
  25. CWeb 55 Built by @MonkSunBoy
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