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  1. Quine Museum

    E 219 10 Built by @MakeNowJust
  2. openEHR ADL Workbench tool

    E 11 11 Built by @wolandscat @cemadmin @petergummer
  3. Amiga game menu

    E 8 3 Built by @MagerValp
  4. All codes for Launchpad 17 Fasttrack batch starting on 3-Dec-17

    E 7 8 Built by @aggarwaldeepak @HimanshuS01
  5. SystemVerilog and UVM examples

    E 7 1 Built by @ljepson74
  6. E 6 4 Built by @jasonblog
  7. Original data for the text to code experiments of Richardson and Kuhn

    E 5 Built by @yakazimir
  8. Hesaplamalı Bilim Kitabı

    E 4 1 Built by @mkozturk
  9. Today I Learned

    E 4 Built by @holycrap872
  10. Enhancement of noweb.sty, a LaTeX style package for formatting noweb source

    E 4 1 Built by @JoeRiel
  11. Euphoria MVC is a model-view-controller framework for Euphoria (

    E 4 Built by @ghaberek
  12. Collection of manually-curated variants that cause exon skipping

    E 3 1 Built by @birndle
  13. AI Distinguishers for cryptographic functions

    E 3 Built by @CEC0D5F1B6AB @tpu01yzx @NullYing @youngze
  14. Macros for Slickedit

    E 3 1 Built by @jporkka
  15. Mentor Deepak Aggarwal

    E 3 1 Built by @aggarwaldeepak
  16. SlickEdit Automated Project File Adding

    E 3 Built by @rbresalier
  17. Prototype for mock cpp non virtual function.

    E 2 Built by @gzc9047
  18. Java IRC Dicebot.

    E 2 1 Built by @chamelaeon
  19. E 2 Built by @efratcdn
  20. Java IRC Dicebot.

    E 2 1 Built by @chamelaeon
  21. My rc files.

    E 1 Built by @anujgtm1
  22. A tray battery indicator created in Eiffel.

    E 1 Built by @tioui
  23. Public results in the Collective Knowledge Format (JSON meta data) from collaborative optimization of computer systems. See live repository:

    E 1 Built by @gfursin
  24. A repository to store all programs from Computer Science courses at Marshall University

    E 1 1 Built by @nalexander50
  25. User configurations

    E 1 Built by @thogu
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