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  1. What if you never had to write CSS again?

    Elm 176 16 Built by @mdgriffith @alexandertrefz @dela3499 @plaxdan @mgold 22 stars this week
  2. A Single Page Application written in Elm

    Elm 1,977 247 Built by @rtfeldman @EricSimons @stil4m @mrvicadai @mandrolic 13 stars this week
  3. Autogenerate type-safe GraphQL queries in Elm.

    Elm 162 10 Built by @dillonkearns @xtian @martimatix @mikeastock @itsgreggreg 6 stars this week
  4. Start an Elm SPA ready to the real world

    Elm 103 6 Built by @rogeriochaves @lucca65 @bgourlie @brasilikum @ivanbanov 5 stars this week
  5. Exercism exercises in Elm.

    Elm 91 67 Built by @tgecho @tuxagon @kytrinyx @parkerl @neganp
  6. Write React components in Elm

    Elm 658 55 Built by @evancz @rtfeldman @akselw @argshook @moritztk
  7. An example Elm single page application

    Elm 407 74 Built by @sporto @bowsersenior @romanzolotarev
  8. Create interactive vector graphics and position them relative to each other

    Elm 29 10 Built by @timjs @danfishgold @nikita-volkov @kentnek
  9. A modal library for Elm

    Elm 88 24 Built by @krisajenkins @coreyhaines
  10. Elm's core libraries

    Elm 1,972 309 Built by @process-bot @evancz @jvoigtlaender @rtfeldman @laszlopandy
  11. Server and client code for the Elm website.

    Elm 1,565 346 Built by @process-bot @evancz @jvoigtlaender @thSoft @tomberek
  12. Experimental: mobile apps in Elm using React Native.

    Elm 1,465 76 Built by @ohanhi @iancanderson @jsteiner @paulyoung @joe-loco
  13. The TodoMVC app written in Elm, nice example for beginners.

    Elm 1,007 294 Built by @process-bot @evancz @rtfeldman @srid @benfjohnson
  14. Elm-port of the Material Design Lite CSS/JS library

    Elm 929 143 Built by @debois @vipentti @hakonrossebo @aforemny @OvermindDL1
  15. Typed CSS in Elm.

    Elm 905 155 Built by @rtfeldman @tolgap @eeue56 @bobwhitelock @wmjoubert
  16. An overview of Elm syntax and features

    Elm 835 44 Built by @izdi @adius @eskimoblood @ianunay @frankschmitt
  17. Write Elixir code using statically-typed Elm-like syntax (compatible with Elm tooling)

    Elm 763 22 Built by @wende @baransu @ShalokShalom @latachz @colinbankier
  18. UI library for making web applications with Elm

    Elm 731 35 Built by @gdotdesign @eimfach @Janiczek @akovari @michie1
  19. Create SVG charts in Elm.

    Elm 479 52 Built by @terezka @nikgraf @busypeoples @mathiasbaert @lorenzo
  20. An introductory Elm workshop. Video available on Frontend Masters!

    Elm 413 155 Built by @rtfeldman @nelsonic @katbow @nicolaiskogheim @noahzgordon
  21. DEPRECATED. Moved to elm-lang/html

    Elm 404 80 Built by @process-bot @shiftkey @echatav @gcapizzi @jessitron
  22. The Elm Live Editor

    Elm 391 31 Built by @lukewestby @shoemakerdr @jgautsch @hkgumbs @Janiczek
  23. A guide to building web applications using Elm

    Elm 390 125 Built by @sporto @vjousse @junegil @pel-daniel @Augustin82
  24. The style animation library for Elm!

    Elm 378 32 Built by @mdgriffith @Guid75 @trotha01
  25. Direct Manipulation Programming for HTML/SVG

    Elm 377 29 Built by @ravichugh @brianhempel @MikaelMayer @justinlubin @mhspradlin
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