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  1. eacl - Emacs auto complete line(s) by grepping project

    Emacs Lisp 51 4 Built by @redguardtoo @Wilfred 11 stars today
  2. A community-driven Emacs distribution - The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it's Emacs *and* Vim!

    Emacs Lisp 16,564 4,135 Built by @syl20bnr @TheBB @justbur @StreakyCobra @d12frosted 8 stars today
  3. Emacs search tool based on ripgrep

    Emacs Lisp 93 9 Built by @dajva @drvink @s-d-m @mbunkus @zonotope
  4. Interactively highlight which buffer is active by dimming the others.

    Emacs Lisp 79 8 Built by @gonewest818 @purcell
  5. My emacs configuration

    Emacs Lisp 161 27 Built by @kaushalmodi @hhnr
  6. you will be surrounded (surround.vim for evil, the extensible vi layer)

    Emacs Lisp 307 39 Built by @timcharper @ninrod @hlissner @edkolev @cofi
  7. Request.el -- Easy HTTP request for Emacs Lisp

    Emacs Lisp 286 55 Built by @tkf @syohex @titaniumbones @phst @Silex
  8. Manage docker from Emacs.

    Emacs Lisp 301 28 Built by @Silex @Yuki-Inoue @take-cheeze @benswift @chavezgu
  9. An Emacs configuration bundle with batteries included

    Emacs Lisp 4,677 1,679 Built by @purcell @re-mx @tarsius @dcorking @osener
  10. Prelude is an enhanced Emacs 25.1+ distribution that should make your experience with Emacs both more pleasant and more powerful.

    Emacs Lisp 3,993 1,578 Built by @bbatsov @toctan @RadicalZephyr @tatsuhirosatou @Abizern
  11. It's Magit! A Git porcelain inside Emacs.

    Emacs Lisp 3,681 555 Built by @tarsius @mvollmer @sigma @kyleam @philjackson
  12. Rust ❤️ Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 2,794 237 Built by @rgmorris @Eli-Zaretskii @monnier @eggert @lektu
  13. The Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks for Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 2,561 499 Built by @bbatsov @Malabarba @kingtim @vspinu @cichli
  14. Project Interaction Library for Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 2,457 414 Built by @bbatsov @abo-abo @rejeep @tarsius @mattiasb
  15. A use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs

    Emacs Lisp 2,376 170 Built by @jwiegley @npostavs @raxod502 @tarsius @phillord
  16. Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework

    Emacs Lisp 2,334 288 Built by @thierryvolpiatto @rubikitch @tsdh @xuchunyang @michael-heerdegen
  17. An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer

    Emacs Lisp 2,211 343 Built by @hlissner @bandresen @gilbertw1 @teesloane @Ptival
  18. HTTP headers, media-types, methods, relations and status codes, all summarized and linking to their specification.

    Emacs Lisp 1,921 120 Built by @andreineculau @dret @kolektiv @christopheradams @wjordan
  19. A template system for Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 1,807 267 Built by @joaotavora @npostavs @pluskid @jimeh @monnier
  20. Mirror of GNU Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 1,788 543 Built by @rgmorris @Eli-Zaretskii @monnier @eggert @lektu
  21. On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 1,674 300 Built by @lunaryorn @fmdkdd @cpitclaudel @yasuyk @purcell
  22. Recipes and build machinery for the biggest Emacs package repo

    Emacs Lisp 1,649 1,600 Built by @purcell @milkypostman @tarsius @syohex @yasuyk
  23. Emacs auto-complete package

    Emacs Lisp 1,494 271 Built by @m2ym @syohex @iRi-E @tkf @dneelyep
  24. Multiple cursors for emacs.

    Emacs Lisp 1,472 131 Built by @magnars @jtamagnan @mathrick @segv @tkf
  25. Manage the external elisp bits and pieces upon which you depend!

    Emacs Lisp 1,454 471 Built by @dimitri @DarwinAwardWinner @dholm @npostavs @yyr
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