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  1. Rendering engine for VVVV using DX11 and based on the principles of the great original MRE for DX9

    FLUX 27 4 Built by @microdee
  2. SoundCloud Theme for Foobar2000 Waveform Seekbar Plugin

    FLUX 10 4 Built by @madhex
  3. Patchtools based on vvvv

    FLUX 9 3 Built by @joreg @gregsn @rainerkohlberger @azeno @tebjan
  4. The Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Model (PIHM) is a fully coupled multiprocess hydrologic model. Instead of coupling through artificial boundary conditions, major hydrological processes are fully coupled by the semi-discrete finite volume approach. For those processes whose governing equations are partial differential equations (PDE), we firs…

    FLUX 6 5 Built by @gopal-bhatt @pihmadmin @geoxuan
  5. A neat cross-platform MAME setup.

    FLUX 6 Built by @douglaslassance
  6. NODE15 - Cloth

    FLUX 6 1 Built by @michael-burk
  7. Crawl configuration for benchmarking StormCrawler

    FLUX 4 3 Built by @jnioche
  8. Microdee's modUlar Particle System for VVVV

    FLUX 3 1 Built by @microdee
  9. Mode7 pixel shader for Construct 2

    FLUX 3 1 Built by @Matt-Esch
  10. FLUX allows efficient modeling of magnetic field evolution in a conductive atmosphere, with exactly prescribed field topology

    FLUX 3 Built by @d-lamb @lowderchris
  11. FLUX 3 1 Built by @hiitiger
  12. This is a modified version of PIHM that retains some previous versions and may have new bugs introduced.

    FLUX 2 5 Built by @mlt @gopal-bhatt @pihmadmin
  13. A set of techniques and samples for 3D mapping (incomplete)

    FLUX 2 5 Built by @elliotwoods @RenaudGervais
  14. FLUX 2 1 Built by @letmp
  15. A FX implementation of Hyllian's xBR Shader.

    FLUX 2 Built by @morph84
  16. NEUI

    FLUX 2 Built by @icefires-xda
  17. Shared space for real-world examples of Metamorph and Flux scripts.

    FLUX 2 4 Built by @sschuepbach @cboehme @mgeipel @dr0i @schaeferd
  18. A neat cross-platform MESS setup.

    FLUX 2 1 Built by @douglaslassance
  19. General purpose shader pack for eFX framework.

    FLUX 1 Built by @OrdinaryMagician
  20. My Shader Library implemented with RenderMonkey

    FLUX 1 Built by @yushroom
  21. Help patches and samples for vvvv and DirectX11 nodes

    FLUX 1 42 Built by @mrvux @fibo @sebllll @gregsn @mhusinsky
  22. New demo version of Halo for the Mac.

    FLUX 1 6 Built by @foonull @Halogen002
  23. FLUX 1 Built by @theetcher
  24. antons molecule viewer demo app

    FLUX 1 4 Built by @antongit @joreg
  25. C# & SlimDx exploration of Frank Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11

    FLUX 1 52 Built by @ericrrichards @ailatzis
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